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10 Best Brunch Spots in Bali You Need to Try - Wandersmurf
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10 Best Brunch Spots in Bali

Brunch in Bali

10 Best Brunch Spots in Bali

Oh, Bali… I truly fell in love with this island. I have been in Bali for over twenty times! Can you imagine?? Well, I have seen Bali grows so much. A decade ago, this tiny island is only famous for Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua water sport. But now? They have everything you want! Party? Beach Club? Luxurious villa? Humble dish? Vibrant festival? You got it all!

After some plenty of times playing at Bali’s remarkable beaches, I try to seek out for another option. I wanna see the other side of Bali aside from its natural beauty. And since I LOVE having brunch (who doesn’t?), I started a quest to find out some of the best brunch spots in Bali! All these cafes are picked based on their taste, and their taste only. Curious yet? Check out this list below and have fun on your next visit to the Island of Gods 😉

1. Sisterfields – Seminyak

This new cafe rapidly made their name to the A-list brunch spot in Bali since it offers delicious all-day breakfast menu with fresh ingredients. The crowd in Sisterfields can be overwhelming on morning, but it is worth the queuing, I guess. For your tropical cravings, don’t forget to order their cocktails, fresh juices, and their famous Acai bowls!! The pretty Eggs Benedict or their juicy burgers could be awesome choices for your wake-up call too!

@Sisterfields Instagram

2. Habitual Quench & Feed – Kerobokan

From the first time I heard the name, I got really interested to check this place out. And I should warn you: Habitual Quench & Feed is dedicated for pure CARNIVORES! Don’t expect small acai bowls, vegan dishes, or something like that. This is for dedicated carnivore only, because of their dish portions and their delicious, juicy, smoked beef for their burgers and sandwiches (or as they call it: cubano – as in Cubanese sandwich). I don’t know why, but I really love this rustic cafe. Their chef is foreigner, so that is probably why all of their sandwiches come in a big size and have very tasty bite! PS: for the ultimate experience, try their steaks & eggs with medium rare level!

@habitualquenchfeed12b Instagram

3. Gardin Bistro – Seminyak

Gardin Bistro is a very cozy and upscale cafe which offers fine-dining quality. Located in the strategic area of Seminyak, Gardin Bistro has natural lighting on-point with their glass-dominated walls. If you’re here, I personally recommend their pasta or steak. Explore their menu since they have LOTS of choices. I ordered a mushroom risotto and it was one of the best risotto I had. You don’t want to order ordinary menu that you can find anywhere, right? After that, you should also leave some room for their incredible desserts!

@Gardin_allin Instagram

4. Sea Circus – Seminyak

There are too many trend-setter cafes in Seminyak, I’m so confused on what put on this list. But Sea Circus is definitely one of them. They have this beautiful colorful mural all around them and their menu is a great choice to start your day in Bali. They have different menu for breakfast-lunch and dinner, but they are equally satisfying for your taste bud. I recommend their acai bowl, breakfast salads, or the ultimate pancakes.  Although the portion might be a little too small, but they are addictive!

Best Brunch Spot Bali

@seacircus Instagram

5. The Junction House Bali – Seminyak

If you ever stroll around Seminyak, you’ll find a very pretty building in the corner near Seminyak Village. The establishment is called The Junction House and it looks like Haussman Parisian House. You’ll get sophisticated French look and interior with Bali tropical vibe. Their brunch menu is sooo good, I got confused on what to pick. But here are some recommendations: check out their Chicken and Waffle or Tuna Tataki for a mouth-watering bite. There’s also Thai Beef Salad which is so refreshing amid the heat. And for the spicy lovers, their Spicy Chicken Burger is something you don’t want to miss!

Instagram @thejunctionhouse

6. Crumb & Coaster – Kuta

From Seminyak and Ubud, now we go back to the old days in Kuta. This heart of Bali has plenty of brunch spots you should try. Crumb & Coaster is one of them. This cafe has a rustic charm with few selected high quality menu. My favorites are The Big Surfer’s Breakfast or Pull Pork Sandwich accompanied by their fresh juices and/or smoothies to cool you down from Bali’s heat. Their specialty coffee is also great. Since it is located in Poppies Lane, it might be a better idea to go down here by scooter or walking. It’s really hidden in a small alley, there’s barely enough parking space for motorbikes. But, trust me, it’s worth the trip. Awesome food, amazing interior and plenty of natural light, plus incredible service!

Crumb and Coaster Best Brunch Spot Bali

@crumbandcoaster Instagram

7. Revolver Coffee – Seminyak

Revolver Coffee might just be the hippest coffee shop in Bali right now. This boutique coffee house is swamped since early morning to their closing time. We can’t blame anyone, since their coffee are indeed excellent. Although the space is not too large, but Revolver is pretty cozy spot to have brunch while sipping the aroma of high quality coffee beans being roasted. They have plenty of all-day breakfast menu with unique names. Try their “Hawaii Five-O” or “Popo” short ribs, or even “Pistol Whip” hotcakes if you are a sweetooth.

Revolver Coffee Best Brunch Spot Bali

@revolverespresso Instagram

8. The Fat Turtle

This one is a darling among Indonesian celebrities who happen to be in Bali. It’s a small delicate cafe, one that I really like to start my morning with. I personally prefer quaint cafe than a crowded one. Their food is the absolute best! I drool over the red velvet pancakes or the avocado toasts. Everything looks tasty and made with love. It’s a balance between our huge appetite and the responsibility to keep our body healthy.

@thefatturtlebali Instagram

9. Cafe Vida – Badung

Cafe Vida in Batu Bolong is screaming healthy goodness of fresh ingredients and fruits. Actually, “Vida” in Spanish means “Life”. It is a healthy treat for us who want to keep our mind and body clear from any toxin. They even got real gluten-free cakes that taste as delicious as the real ones. In short, indulge yourself in their healthy (and pretty) menu.

Best Bali Brunch Spot

@cafe_vida_bali Instagram

10. Monsieur Spoon

If you visit Bali, in some areas you would find Monsieur Spoon Bakeries, which are run by two Parisian cousins since 2012. Monsieur Spoon takes their products very seriously. Everything they have, from croissant, crepe, to chocolate, are made from scratch with high quality ingredients. Not only selling pastries, Monsieur Spoon also has savory main courses for us who opt for something not too sweet. I would recommend their salted caramel cake and their mushroom toast in order for you to properly wake up and ready to take on your day’s adventure!

@monsieurspoon Instagram

I think these will be all for now. After all, people say that too much options tend to leave us more confused than fewer ones. From the ten best brunch spots in Bali, which one you’re most excited to try? Is there any favorite brunch spot that I need to try? Put it on the comments section, I surely want to know!

Until then, keep this list for your next visit to the Island of Gods. Guaranteed you will look forward to wake up in the morning to try these awesome brunch spots!

Falencia Naoenz
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