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She falls in love with life, way too deep

About Me

Hi ! My name is Falencia and I am a girl from Indonesia. For so long, writing and traveling have become my constant hobby, which is why I am very excited to write everything about my story in this website. I believe in the power of writing, I believe that writing your experiences will make them immortal, forever remembered. I believe in putting together your thoughts in sentence by sentence, so that you can always call upon your previous ideas. Honestly, I fell in love with words, long before I fell for a guy 😉


I love wandering around. And all of my closet consists of blue, black, and white outfit. So I guess you can spot me everywhere wearing something blue. It’s just the most beautiful color in the world. And because I’m such a shortie, I guess smurf is the perfect nickname for me.


I love a cold breeze in a winter day. I love playing in the sand and the sea until my fingers wrinkle. I love a slow free all-you-can-eat breakfast. I love the anxiety and the excitement we feel before making a trip. I love trying new snacks and talking with the local people. I love hopping for a ride in train, plane, bus, or a chopper. I love the feeling of surprise that we get when we first step in a foreign country. I love that we can learn so much from traveling and observing. But most of all, I love trying new things. Adrenaline junkie, risk-taker, you name it. I just love exploring what life and our planet has to offer.


Call me cliche, but my biggest dream is to be able to travel the world. I want to study in England, watch the Northern light in Norway, have a taco in Mexico, play ice-skating in Rockefeller, and so so many more!