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The Little Heaven Called Daheim 290 (Airbnb Review) - Wandersmurf
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The Little Heaven Called Daheim 290 (Airbnb Review)

The Little Heaven Called Daheim 290 (Airbnb Review)

At this point, seeking and exploring the best Airbnb listing has become one of my primary hobbies. And now, I’m about to tell you the BEST Airbnb in Bandung: Daheim 290. Long story short, after postponing for so many months, my colleagues and I finally got the chance to plan our office outing to the Land of Parahyangan. I couldn’t be more excited, especially because we’re planning to have a laid-back staycation and just relax without thinking about our clients. To add the excitement, the outing was to my favorite city, Bandung! So without further ado, I definitely volunteered to be the planning committee and immediately search for the best Airbnb we could stay in (11 people).

But, once we stumbled upon the Daheim 290 listing in Airbnb, we instantly fell in love. I mean, it has everything that we ever dream of:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Three bathrooms
  • Long communal living room
  • Barbecue grill
  • Complete home appliances, from microwave to stove
  • And IKEA-heaven-of-decoration!

An IKEA-Model Room

Seriously, the decor of this house is just so chic! I bet the owners have some pretty good taste. All of their furnitures are IKEA-labeled, so it must be in good quality. We were very awe-struck the moment we stepped into this little house. You bet, the prettiest corner is the one with leafy walls and white bricks all over. So aesthetic, don’t you think?

As predicted, we have the utmost fun in Daheim 290! The owners are so kind, they tell you everything you need to know. And there’s a little helper living next door, she will be assisting you during your stay. On the night before we start our barbecue, she even came to the house bringing fresh fruits (JUST BECAUSE).

Aside from the beautiful look, Daheim 290 is also located strategically near Tangkuban Perahu. So if you’re planning to visit the tourism spot, it is only 20-30 minutes away. Because of its location, the weather and the air is cold. You might want to bring a jacket or sweater. Don’t worry about the blanket though, because it is soooo comfy! Just look at the bedroom picture, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Not all blankets and pillows are created the same. The ones in Daheim 290 are surely superior.

For those of you looking for the perfect staycation in Bandung, this is it. This is where you should go, especially if you’re with families and friends. The more the merrier!

PS: I guess stalking Airbnb every so often has paid off, right? 😛

Falencia Naoenz
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