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Eatalia Restaurant - Bandung - Wandersmurf
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Eatalia Restaurant – Bandung

Eatalia Bandung

Eatalia Restaurant – Bandung

Cheers all for the inventor of pasta! Pasta is listed as one of my long-life favorite food, even before I can spell it. I love all kind of pasta, from spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, practically anything. Which is why, going to an Italian restaurant is always a good idea for me. In Bandung, there is a recently opened restaurant, Eatalia, which specializes in pasta-making and all-Italian-dishes.

Aglio Olio Eatalia Bandung

The place is really wide, even though the lighting is not that bright, or “remang-remang”. I came here with high expectation, fortunately the meatball bolognaise spaghetti is not extraordinary. But the aglio olio is smashing! The taste is really fresh, you can totally taste the spices, the seasonings, and every elements in the dish.

It is worth every penny. If you are into Italian dishes, you should try Eatalia. They have variety of dishes and refreshing drinks too!

Place: Jalan Lengkong Besar 45 Bandung
Price: 25-80k
Type of food: Italian

Falencia Naoenz
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