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Kiputih Satu Bandung: The Hippiest and yet, The Most Serene
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Kiputih Satu Bandung: The Hippiest and yet, The Most Serene

Kiputih Satu

Kiputih Satu Bandung: The Hippiest and yet, The Most Serene

I cannot believe that it has been 29 days since the last time I wrote in this blog. Seems like all of my days and nights got sucked on by the Grey’s Anatomy (PS: Shonda, I adore you so much!). So, instead of sharing exciting books and experiences in this blog, I log in to my Netflix and binge-watch the series till dawn. I’m addicted, officially. But today, quiero hablar sobre Kiputih Satu – I want to talk about Kiputih Satu in Bandung.

Previously I got the chance to stay the night in Bandung and decided to see the hype of this recently-famous-in-Instagram cafe. It wasn’t the food or the vinyl collection that attracts me, it was the green landscape and the serene ambiance that made me willing to wake up early (at 8 AM!) to see it myself.

Kiputih Satu is easy to locate, just couple hundred meters from Parahyangan University. When I went there, it was raining the previous day, so you can guess that the weather is gloomy and cold, just the way I like it. In fact, one of the main reasons why I might never move on from Bandung is exactly because of its weather.

Right from the first moment I stepped in, I felt the warmth and tempting aroma from the homemade bread. I can see why they call the place hippy, because there are so many oldies memorabilia, vinyl collection, and even band posters on the wall. Actually I’d never even see vinyl collection before, and they have it all! From the Beatles to Jimmy Hendrix. I just really hope that there are collectors out there who still care about these stuffs because I don’t want to see Kiputih Satu out of cash and close down the cafe.



Alright, what about the food? After all, it’s Kiputih Satu Bake & Dine, isn’t it? I got there maybe an hour after they open. But they said some of the menu are for dinner only. Too bad, because I was really looking forward to taste the pasta.

Tips before going to new restaurant: spare some time to research the menu. I do that not because I’m not adventurous or anything, but what if it’s my last time of eating in that restaurant? I should probably order and taste the best thing they have, right? That’s why I always skim the Google Reviews and their Instagram page, at least, so that I pretty much know what’s popular and which menu got the most likes from the visitors.

I ordered some breakfast omelette at last, accompanied by a hot mint tea (my favorite). The taste is so fresh and vibrant, I can tell that they’re using quality ingredients.

What I find appealing, though, is the fact that they don’t let visitors to smoke. Yup, although they have plenty spacious outdoor area, they put a nice warning in their menu, so that the visitors don’t smoke. Nice!

The other thing that really makes me love the place is the ambiance. Maybe it’s because I came there early in the morning or maybe it’s because I miss Bandung, but it was truly serene and peaceful at Kiputih Satu. I sat at the outdoor area and it just felt calm. I could hear the birds’ chirping and the soft breeze. Look at the photos and you can probably feel it yourself. It was a much-needed escape from the busy, cruel, Jakarta.

So, if you’re looking for a quiet yet hippiest cafe, Kiputih Satu should be on your list. It doesn’t boast the Instagramable background or pretty food, it is being honest. It gives you the true sensation of Bandung in front of your eyes. Psst.. and the food price is definitely not a rip-off!

Support local business, people πŸ™‚

Kiputih Satu
Kiputih No.1A, Ciumbuleuit, North Bandung
Price: 25k-70k

Falencia Naoenz
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