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Maple & Oak - Jakarta - Wandersmurf - Cafe Review
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Maple & Oak – Jakarta

Maple and Oak Jakarta

Maple & Oak – Jakarta

I am not a morning person. And I hate morning persons for being able to walk and operate before 9 AM. But there’s something that I love about morning: breakfast and brunch!! I love the choices of brunch and how it always leads to a good day. So today, in a quest to find some pretty amazing brunch, I was confused of whether to choose Berrywell in SCBD or Maple & Oak in Menteng. But considering that I’m not really a fan of healthy food, well then Maple & Oak it is.

I gotta say, I had high expectation of it, just by looking at its exterior. They are so pretty and they remind me of these little cafes in Bali where we could take all-day brunch, take a surfing lesson afterward, and just forget about our bills waiting at home.

Maple and Oak Jakarta

The cafe itself is not too spacious. Clearly, this might not be the best choice for family brunch as we have to jostle with people just to get the right seat. Most of the visitors are small group of friends, couples, or coming alone to have some relaxing meal.

Looking at the menu, I gotta admit, they all sound scrumptious. And the price is not too expensive for the quality. After some while, I decided to order Mapple Truffle Brioche and Full Breakfast. For the drink, I ordered Pure Valencia, which is very refreshing. It is made of sunkist, peach, mint, and honey.

When the meals came, I was really happy to see the pretty yet un-pretentious plating. The portion just fits and all the ingredients look so fresh like they are no frozen food re-heated.

And what about the taste? Oh My God, they are so so delicious!! My Mapple Truffle Brioche sorts of combine this sweet and savory thing, and it was perfect! All the elements on the meal are great, no kidding. The salad is yum, the bacon tasted crisp, the scramble was SO GEWD, and the sausage… Oh, the sausage just kicked in and beaten every sausage I’ve ever tasted.

I seriously never expect that they would blow me away like this, on a first attempt. Since my first bite, I promise myself that this would be the start of me coming down here for more times ahead. So for you who are looking for great brunch spot, visit Maple & Oak right away. I’m sure this is the brunch we’re willing to wake up early for.

Maple & Oak Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.91, Menteng
Price around 70-140k for main course

Falencia Naoenz
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