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Movie Review: SING!

Sing Movie Review

Movie Review: SING!

I’ve been wanting to watch Sing! since the first time it was launched in the cinema. Since I’ve seen the trailer, I know this movie is going to be great – or at least, funny. And it’s true! It’s not a meaningless funny like the Minions, but this movie has a lot of values and interesting stories.

There’s no easy way of saying this, so I’m just gonna say it anyway:

For those of you who like watching animated movies, of course you’d know that the plot is rather standard. Just a quick introduction – conflict – and happy ending. This one’s too. So what makes it great?

First, SING is like the ‘La-La-Land’ in animal sphere. It teaches us the most basic thing everyone should do: dream big! Yes. But it tells six different stories about six different animals and their own lives. The Moon had a big dream since he was a kid and he is so energetic and never gives up on his dream even though everyone around him always say, “Just quit. Just move on. You’re a failure”. Moon is super optimistic, passionate, and has a good sense of humor toward life. I am really touched with the way Moon talks about his father, or how Moon’s life shattered when his theatre was shaken down, and how he got back again.

Meanwhile, because of Moon, now Rosita could have the chance to skip her boring routines as a mom and a wife. And we could see how she needs to juggle every responsibilities just to make it happen. The gorilla Johnie has to fight with his dad because his dad won’t accept his passion as a singer. Meena the elephant needs to battle with herself, while Ash has to stumble and lose her boyfriend in the process of making something of herself.

But well, aren’t them all what happen in our real lives? Sometimes our parents won’t allow us. Sometimes our spouse look down on us and underestimate our capability. Sometimes daily routine could be endless and leave us no space to do anything for ourself. And we have to battle them all just to make our dreams come true.

Second of all, SING promises us a whole lot of cool songs to hum while watching. From Gaga’s Bad Romance to John Legend’s All of Me. So entertaining, I must say! And it’s all supported by excellent voice from Jennifer Hudson, Scarlett Johansson, and Taaron Egerton.

Well, I think this one speaks higher than Zootopia. I think Sing deserves Oscar more. Zootopia is kind of a ‘meh’ movie. I walk out of the cinema with nothing but yawns all over my face once I finished watching it. Just take a look and compare it yourself 😉

Falencia Naoenz
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