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The Biggest Fear - Wandersmurf
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The Biggest Fear

Dream big

The Biggest Fear

Do you really want to know what my biggest fear is?

Not that I will fail my marriage, or not being able to find someone worth-marrying-for, or having a decent life and not the super-rich one, none of them are my biggest fear. My biggest fear would be: not being able to chase after my dreams. Whether or not I manage to get those dreams are completely different story. But I have this one life. This one chance. And I’m not about to blow it by living ordinarily.

My biggest fear would be: Marrying someone and regretting that very decision. Marriage is not a must, that is often forgotten. Marriage is a choice and unless there’s super special person that can assure me that “together” is far better than “alone”, I will not take that choice.

My biggest fear would be: sitting in my office cube, doing the same thing everyday in my life, browsing the latest travel photos and wallpapers, convincing myself that I, too, can experience that one day. I want to see and explore the world. I want to expand my knowledge and my self. And that can’t be done by sitting in the office cube, doing reports, obeying the boss. If we do not have big enough dream, we’ll end up working so hard to fulfill someone else’s dream.

My biggest fear would be: not having time to do my favourite things, reading books, going on an adventure, escaping every now and then.

Life shall be full of impromptu journeys and laughs, jaw-breaking scenery and events, thrilling sneak-out and road trips.

Oh, what would it be if all our teenage dreams and ambitions are gone to waste? What if we live the life, the same ordinary way with 7 other billion people?

What if at the end of our life, we look back and regret the chances we did not take?
That would be my biggest fear, of all.

Falencia Naoenz
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