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Stepping Back to Grow Hunger Bank - Wandersmurf
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Stepping Back to Grow Hunger Bank

Stepping Back to Grow Hunger Bank

"Sometimes, taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster.
It’s a cha-cha."
Ever heard of that saying? Well, that’s exactly what I need to do with my life right now. I need to step back, looking at it in a helicopter view, and taking a full control to plan the future. And by future, I mean the future of Hunger Bank.
Let me trace it back for you. In 2016, when I had so many spare time waiting for my graduation, I and my friend decided to found a non-governmental organization called Hunger Bank. The aim is to reduce food waste by collecting excessive food and distributing it to the ones in need. Long story short, after 1.5 year, we managed to have a breakthrough. We gained media coverage, we took people’s attention, and we got so many donations from kind donors. We couldn’t be more thankful for that.
The problem is, for the past six month, I’ve been steering in auto-pilot. Not only in Hunger Bank, but I think, in general. If they say millennials get bored so easily, I agree 100%. After 1.5 years working in my office, I feel like I need a new challenge. I can feel the excitement of waking up early to start the day fades out. After office, I only hang out in my room, watch TV series or something, and then sleep. And repeat.
And repeat.
You know what? It makes me sound like a robot.
But it’s true. I hate myself for it.
Instead of networking with new people, I’d rather sleep for 10-12 hours. Instead of finding new donors for Hunger Bank, I’d rather finish the TV series that I have watched, TWICE or THREE TIMES already. What a waste of time, right?
This isn’t always the case with me. If you think I’m lazy, well….. You’re kind of right. But not THIS lazy.
I used to have so many energy to do this and that. In college years, I often survived with zero hour of sleep, just for the sake of finishing a presentation or a project.
What happened to me? Is it the corporate routines that bore me? Or am I just losing motivation? Or life has beaten me in the age of 23?
Today, I wanna say, NO. No, I wanna wake up and take the full control, and turn off the auto-pilot system.
I need to regain my focus on motivation, and put it in the right way.
I need to stop feeling so happy in my comfort zone, stuck in my room for hours and hours without doing anything meaningful.

Today I met with an NGO consultant called Campaign.com. From them, I gained so many wonderful insights for Hunger Bank. And it also made me realize how important for me to step back for a while, evaluate what Hunger Bank has achieved, and set up new goals as an organization. Me, as the founder, has to fire up my volunteers’ motivation to keep helping Hunger Bank. I have to continue the social media campaign, even if that means I have to run it by myself. Whatever it is, Hunger Bank shouldn’t vacuum. It shouldn’t wither just because I am too lazy to take care of it.
Let me be honest with you. It’s very hard to run an NGO, while you are working as a full-time consultant with demanding hours. In weekend, your energy runs out and all you wanna do is cuddle in bed all day.
It’s certainly not easier when I also am freelancing as a writer. Or the fact that I need to go muay-thai at least twice a week. Or that I have to learn IELTS for my master degree. AND I decided to take Spanish course, just because. Last but not least, when is the time for me to finish up a pile of books in my room? 24 HOURS IS JUST NOT ENOUGH!
That’s the best excuse I can give.
But today is the day I decided to change. i’m still very young. I got so many energy and I could really use it to make a good change in this world. Well, not world, at least in my community. I will spend more time to develop Hunger Bank. It wouldn’t be my last priority. I shouldn’t take it for granted. I should really be proud of it and take care of it like it’s my own baby (project).
Come on girl! You got this!
Falencia Naoenz
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