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Weekly Soliloquy #6 - Do We Have "Restart" Button in Life? - Wandersmurf
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Weekly Soliloquy #6 – Do We Have “Restart” Button in Life?

Weekly Soliloquy #6 – Do We Have “Restart” Button in Life?

Hi my little digital diary!
Happy New Year 2018! What a bitch, a time is. It flies so fast I cannot even have the chance to keep up.
Anyway, I just want to write something. Anything. And so, this topic comes to my mind: Do we have a "restart" button in our lives? Guys, do you actually believe in second chances? I used to think that second chances are something like they portray in the movies. You know, where they almost die but then they live, and they have the all-new perspectives about lives. And then they end up realizing that the most important things are about love, family, friendship. Cheesy. I know, right? But hey, do you believe in second chances? Some of the most fucked-up stories of human lives begin with one little mistake. One split second when you decide one thing, and it ended up ruining your life forever. Know what I’m talking about? One day you decide to try on gambling, and it sucked out the life out of you. Your money, your wife, your family. The other day you decide to leave your lover. And it brings you countless years of regrets and misery. And you cannot walk that back.
The other day you decide to swim in the ocean. And the waves hit you so hard it makes your hearing impaired, forever.
Or something much more simple.
You decide to get a tattoo and you hate it at one point of your life.
Or you decide to swipe right to a date and the other side turns out to be a jerk.
I don’t know. I was just watching the movie of Jumanji and I see how the characters have additional lives every time they screw everything up. At that moment, I think to myself, "Hey, what a great idea. I wonder if our lives can work like that." There are so many things I would like to rewind and start over. I wish I could just tap the "restart" button and make the right choice for once. To repair what I did, to erase what I regret. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
But here’s the thing though. Even if life has a "restart" button.. How much are you willing to press that? Because honestly, most of the undesirable things that happened to me, molded me into who I am today.
Rejections slap me to try better. It humbled me to know that it is possible for other persons to beat my skills, my characters, my work.
Heartbreak made me independent. That’s the time when I realize that your happiness cannot be put to someone else. That’s the time when I realize that other person can say "I love you", but not mean it.
Being completely broke gave me the strength to rise back. To promise myself that for whatever reason, I will try my best to help people in need. To help the hungry, the poor, and the helpless.
Would I be who I am right now if I can restart all these and make all the right decisions? Or my life would be far more perfect than what it is right now?
I guess, even though life doesn’t technically have a "restart" button, it actually gives you plenty of chances. Not always, but most of the times.
You can always pack up, leave your stuffs, and create a brand new start somewhere else. You can meet new people, giving you the chance to try again in a new relationship. You can meet with therapist to help you come out of your shell, facing your problems head on.
Life doesn’t have a "restart" button.
But you can change your Avatar anytime.
You can acquire skills and pick your guns.
You can get into a team that will support you – in life, it’s called friends or family.
It’s a pretty fun game, isn’t it?
Falencia Naoenz
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