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10 Coffee Shops in Jakarta for Your Daily Dose of Caffeine (and Instagram Posts) - Wandersmurf
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10 Coffee Shops in Jakarta for Your Daily Dose of Caffeine (and Instagram Posts)

10 Coffee Shops in Jakarta for Your Daily Dose of Caffeine (and Instagram Posts)

If you’re currently living or visiting the Capital of Indonesia, you would soon realize that the coffee shops in Jakarta are mushrooming like a cherry blossoms on Spring. No surprise, since Jakarta is full with expatriates, executives, and all these independent freelancers who need their daily dose of caffeine to fully function. But coffee is not the sole reason for coming to the coffee shops (although they have kick-ass coffee too!). These coffee shops are warm, comfy, and their interior are so pretty that they become the main ootd-and-kinfolk-kind of photos in our Instagram timeline. Check out these photogenic 10 coffee shops in Jakarta for your next visit!
1. Caribou Coffee
Caribou Coffee is a franchise coffee shop from America. In every one of their cafes (they have some branches in Jakarta), they manage to get these cozy wood-dominated interior with spacious room and soft jazz to accompany us working on our stuff. They have outdoor and indoor space which are equally beautiful to take pictures on. It’s a classic American coffee shop. Oh, and try their McNara Pie while you’re there! It’s my favorite!

Photo from: Caribou Coffee Indonesia Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/cariboucoffeeid/?hl=en)
2. Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
Lucky Cat has this clean concept using white color domination combined with raw wood furniture and some green lushes inside their coffee shop. This two-storey building is a perfect spot to snap your weekend brunch with the ladies or even your best ootd of the week. And the best thing is: they are open 24/7 for your late-night caffeine boost!

Photo from: Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/luckycatcoffeekitchen/?hl=en)
3. One Fifteenth Coffee
This coffee shop adopts its name using the perfect ratio between coffee and water to get the perfect coffee sip. Their building is very spacious with minimalist concept. There are a lot of long wooden tables that are pretty for flat lay brunch. They have wide choices from beverages, all-day breakfasts, to fresh salads. And the natural lighting is the champion here!

Photo from: One Fifteenth Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/p/BPhQXhJAY1R/?taken-by=115coffee&hl=en)
4. Giyanti Coffee Roastery
What they lack in space, they make it up in coffee quality and their ethnic interior. Giyanti Coffee has comfy chairs and colorful furniture that will make us stay longer than we intended to. It’s a fresh idea if we are bored looking at minimalist and monochrome cafe. The outdoor area also has this hippy vibe and is good place to chat with friends. Guaranteed, you will fall in love with this coffee shop. They also serve the best authentic Indonesia’s coffee such as from Flores and Toraja.

Photo from: Giyanti Coffee Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/giyanticoffee/?hl=en)
5. Koultura Coffee
Koultura brings a simple minimalistic concept with elegant color combination of navy, ash, and thick brown wood. They also have their own signature characters hanging on their walls. Not only providing coffee, Koultura is also giving us a whole lot of options to dine for either brunch or dinner. And they all taste pretty yummy too!

Photo from: Koultura Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/p/BJmGKTChmCv/?taken-by=koultoura&hl=en)
6. Crematology Coffee
Going to Crematology Coffee almost feels like visiting one of our best friend’s house. It feels so homey with big sofa couch at the center of the room. Warm lighting, wood materials, and spacious room are all the plus points to hang out at Crematology. This industrialist-themed coffee shop also offers plenty corners for you to get your Instagram-worthy picture. And they also have some stand-alone chairs for all of us who just want to get some me-time on the weekend!

Photo from: Crematology Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/crematology/?hl=en)
7. Trafique Cofffee
At a glance, you probably wouldn’t expect that the yellow metal thing leads a door to a cozy coffee shop at Southern Jakarta. Trafique is a hidden gem who is proud of its rustic and charming white bricks inside the coffee shop. They have pretty decorations (my favorite is the shelf full of car miniatures) and a small garden to refresh our mind from the concrete jungle. Enjoy!

Photo from: Trafique Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/trafiquecoffee/?hl=en)
8. ST Ali
ST Ali is not-so-recent coffee shop newcomers in Jakarta. It is an all open air coffee shop for every coffee addicts that happen to be in Setiabudi area. Located inside the Setiabudi One Complex, ST ALi stands out with its brown wood-dominated space. There is minimum decorations, they just simply don’t overdo it. But their coffee game is strong!

Photo from: ST ALi Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/stali_jkt/?hl=en)
9. Blumchen Coffee
If you are not a fan of minimalist concept and want to get something more lively and colorful, here is a good choice for you: Blumchen Coffee at SCBD area. This coffee shop is unique, inspiring, and it brings this certain vintage vibe with all those vintage stuffs from antique phone to old bike. It will bring you back to a decade ago with all the good things in there.

Photo from: Blumchen Coffee Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/blumchencoffee/?hl=en)
10. Woodpecker Coffee
Woodpecker Coffee is so minimalist, up to the point that it is almost bare. And It’s very pretty! It is not too spacious, but it is the perfect spot to treat yourself a cup of coffee or two. Their natural lighting is abundant, so you could also get daily dose of Vitamin D while sipping your caffeine.

Photo from: Woodpecker Coffee Instagram Account (https://www.instagram.com/woodpeckerjkt/?hl=en)
There you go! The ten coffee shops in Jakarta for your next Sunday date. I know there are still plenty more outside the list, but this will do for now. Enjoy and have fun taking pretty pictures of your morning latte!
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