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TV Series Review: Parks and Recreation - Wandersmurf
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TV Series Review: Parks and Recreation

TV Series Review: Parks and Recreation

Finally I got the chance to pour all of my heart and thoughts about Parks and Recreation into this blog! Because I freaking love it! Yes, I used to think that no TV series would ever compare to FRIENDS, but this one actually could. I really enjoy watching all the seven seasons (I think I binge-watching it for less than a week).
So, why #ParksandRec is really cool? Check out my review below.
The Cast
The best thing about #ParksandRec is the cast, seriously. You know in sitcom like FRIENDS or HIMYM there are always six people and there is always the ‘smart one’, the ‘womanizer’, the ‘normal one’. It all becomes typical. But the roles in #ParksandRec is truly complex, diverse, and their characters are all developing. I love the fact that every single person in this TV series is funny. I laugh for Ron’s skeptical view about vegan, I laugh for Donna’s sassy wits, I laugh for Ben Wyatt’s super nerdy addiction, or for April’s mean comments, or for Tom’s swaggerness. I mean, they all complement each other and not being trapped with certain ‘stigma’ or something. For example, when I first watch the show, I think that Tom Haverford is just a really annoying guy and a smart-ass, but turns out he is very sentimental and has a lot of good ideas. Plus, he has the ultimate style to swaaaay people.
I don’t know, I guess I just love every single one of them, especially Ron Swanson and Ben Wyatt. They are my favorite characters on the show. Maybe because they are both socially awkward yet they are secretly smart and wise. In addition, the chemistry between the characters in #ParksandRec is awesome! Andy and April is such a creepy yet sweet couple. Leslie and Ben is power couple, both are nerds and smart. Ann and Chris Traeger is also a fit couple. But not only that, I particularly love that Tom and Donna are such soulmates and they’re like, have their own rules, inside jokes, and even "TREAT YO SELF" day. Leslie and Ron also has this cool bond even though they are complete opposite of each other. OH, and I REALLY love Jean-Ralphio and his sister. They are nuts and I wanna be friends with them!
The Story
When I first watch this TV series, I feel kinda bored because this is very "Amy Poehler"-centric. Like, she dominates the entire show and everyone else is just a side cast. So I stopped watching for few weeks. But then when I continue watching it from the first season, I feel like it becomes less and less about Leslie Knope and it really highlights the lives of other characters too. It embodies the life as a public servant in Parks & Recreation Department. It’s also not ashamed to bring some downhills, such as Leslie being recalled as City Councillor or when Leslie has to do something "politically incorrect" just so that she can serve people better. And think that depicts the real politics out there, even though in much simpler version.
We can see how Tom develops from a hedonist train-wreck into a very successful businessman because he doesn’t give up. We can also see how Andy Dwyer transforms from being homeless to being a famous TV star. It kinda gives us a good feeling and optimism that life would be better. At the end of the day, every character gets their own happy endings.
However, I feel kinda disappointed with the way they end the show. I mean, the final episode is very blurry and unclear. And it seems so rushed, as if the producers just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. After building the stories for the entire seven seasons, and they end it just like that? With a glimpse to the future? I think they can do a lot better 🙁 We demand reunion!

The Blablabla Stuff
Awesome quick wits. Funny impression. Lots and lots of nonsense humor from Andy and Tom? I’m all in. Honestly, after watching Chris Pratt being that dumb in #ParksandRec, it’s hard for me to take him seriously in other roles. The script of the show is great, they certainly know how to entertain the audiences. It uses the documentary film method to shoot everyone’s statement, and I very much like it because I actually feel closer to the characters, compared to if I watch them as an outsider (like in sitcom). But anyway, I think that the writers did a very good job to give strong character in every cast. There are not much of fights and conflicts happening, but that doesn’t make the show dull at all. The drama is minimum, but the laugh is all there. I swear. It’s my new favorite show. And I’m currently on the re-run for the second time 😉

So folks, if you love FRIENDS (and I bet a lot of you do), I think you’re gonna enjoy this one too! Hope you have wonderful binge-watching and I’ll review a whole lot of other TV series once I moved on from #ParksandRec, huh?
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