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Airport Thought - Wandersmurf
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Airport Thought

Airport Thought

Find me here. And you’ll see the happiest version of me.
Feet dangling, with headphones on. Exciting, waiting,
hardly patient for the adventure that is about to go off.
Find me here. You know how. I’d be sitting with my legs crossed. A bad habit, that I’m so very proud of. And people think it’s impolite. And I’d say: the way you sit doesn’t tell anything about you. Screw.
Find me here. I’d be sinking my nose in the book that I just bought. A little paradise that we can always rely on. Sentences forming the only explanation that makes sense. Life, should be this way. Celebrated, thought of, and written. Written so beautifully you make everyone smitten. Only by words.
Find me here. And I’d be living in my own world. Watching people as if they’re about to intrude. Creating invisible bubble impossible to get in to.
Find me at the airport. You’ll see the happiest version of me.
Follow me at Instagram @Falen_Naoenz or find me chirping at Twitter @wandersmurf
Falencia Naoenz
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