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A Super-Friendly Stay at The 101 Tugu Yogyakarta - Wandersmurf
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A Super-Friendly Stay at The 101 Tugu Yogyakarta

A Super-Friendly Stay at The 101 Tugu Yogyakarta

I finally got the chance to visit Yogya, again! This time is for work, though. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun. My stay at The 101 Tugu Yogyakarta is super pleasant!
When I was picked up from the airport, I found the hotel staff to be very friendly – and polite, at the same time. I made few stops before going to the hotel. And he is willing to take me, even though the hotel policy actually doesn’t allow that. When I first arrived at the hotel, I was incredibly happy! The tosca green-dominated building greeted me and all of the staffs were genuinely smiling and make sure that I had the best service.
The room is spacious and for a three-star hotel, The 101 provides quite decent amenities like hair dryer and towel coat. It’s very important for me because I rarely bring my own hair dryer. The room is clean and efficient. You can see how fluffy and comfortable the bed is.
Right after checking in my room, I immediately wanted to check out the pool because they have this huge and beautiful pool with mini fountain in the corner. Look at this terrace, it looks so peaceful just to sit here and have our afternoon tea, right? Unfortunately, I cannot stand Yogyakarta’s heat πŸ™ It feels like my face is burning just from being outside.
But the next day, I got the chance to have breakfast in the morning and it truly feels peaceful, thanks to their greenness and glass-window panel. We can feel the morning breeze and the sound of water from the tosca pool.

And tadaaa… these are couple of glimpse of how beautiful their pool is. There are few gymnastic tools too for you if you want to have morning workout overlooking the blue water.
In any hot day, jump over and give yourself a little break with their cold and fresh water. Surely looks like fun!
I really like this hotel, especially because of the genuine kindness and friendliness of their staffs. I bother them with so many favors. in fact, one of my bag clips fell in between the gaps of the wooden floor. There were three or four staffs who helped me by trying to get it with any tools available. They tried using fork, chopsticks, and even tongs. Thankfully they could take it back. Now, that’s the kind of service you hope when you stay at a hotel, right?
So, if you found yourself looking for a decent hotel, The 101 Tugu Yogyakarta could be your choice.
*And NO, this is not a sponsored post.
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Falencia Naoenz
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