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Movie Review: Wonder Woman - Wonderfully Sucks - Wandersmurf
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Movie Review: Wonder Woman – Wonderfully Sucks

Movie Review: Wonder Woman – Wonderfully Sucks

Photo from: https://www.joblo.com/movie-news/review-wonder-woman-219-02
Let’s talk about Wonder Woman. And I mean, Wonder Woman the movie, and not the "Gal Gadot" figure. I have just watched this and I cannot comprehend how everyone is saying this is a good movie, full of feminism values, spoiling the eye, and yada yada. Maybe I watch a different version of the movie, maybe. Because what I’ve seen in the big screen is just a big chunk of disappointments and over-the-top heroic life of this woman lead.
But first, let’s agree on something. Gal Gadot is awesome, she is a wonderful human being and she’s flawless playing the role of Diana Prince. But that is the only good thing about Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot, and Robin Wright – whose performance as the Antiope is so strong and memorable. I was so glad to see Robin Wright could break free from being the "Claire Underwood" in HOC.
The Cast
The casts are so so ordinary, up to the point where it becomes so boring. Seriously, it revolves too much in the presence of Wonder Woman, and every characters playing alongside her were just garnish. Co-stars are supposed to juice things up, to put some spices, to complicate the story, or to spark and provoke something in the key actor. But it didn’t happen. Steve Trevor, Charlie, or even the Indian Guy – who I expect to have deep personality and suprising role – fell flat. Their characters are not developing, we see so little of their backgrounds, and they contribute too small to the entirety of the story. Yes, they protected Wonder Woman in some sort. They take her to the "front". But that’s it.
Just like this picture that they are so proud of, the co-stars were just blurry and forgettable casts not even worthy to mention.

Photo from: https://www.slashfilm.com/wonder-woman-trailer-breakdown-2/
I personally think that the biggest mistake is to choose David Thewlis as Sir Patrik a.k.a Ares the God. He is not God-ly enough and his battle with Diana is just plain ridiculous. Too much talking, too much "destroy her, Diana, you’re an evil" talk, too much of anything! If he is so devil then why does he need to wait for decades before finding her? I don’t know, I’m so confused. He is not a great villain, nor the Prof. Liddendorf or Doctor Poison. I was initially excited to see Doctor Poison. She seems to be so psychopath, so dedicated to her work, and at the same time- so brilliant. But nothing else comes from it. Their characters are all so "limited", as if the producers are afraid to put up an excellent villain just because it could "overshadow" the Wonder Woman.
Chemistry? What chemistry? That’s something that didn’t appear once in the movie. Diana and her mom’s bond are super-boring with no real chemistry. Diana and her Steve Trevor’s relationship seems too forced and it’s super-cheesy. It’s pretty hard to see that they even like each other in real life. You know when you watch a movie and you see the couple holding hands or stare at each other, and you instantly feel like they are so in love? Like Dom and Letty in Fast and Furious or Peter Parker and Gwen in Spiderman? Well, in Wonder Woman, I don’t get anything even close to it. There are no glimpse of how their feelings slowly transform into love. They just meet – fight – spend couple days together – awkward dance – someone dies – other screams. So chemistry? Not the slightest bit.
The Story
At the beginning of the movie, I felt happy because they decided to bring up some mythology. But turns out, it sucks. It is as if they are bringing mythology tale just to give some certain of "profoundness" in the story. But all they do is making me hate the movie even more.
Zeus created an invisible island?
Amazon is created to conquer Ares, but how are they supposed to do that when they’re isolated from the real world?
If these so-called Amazons are created to beat Ares, then what happens next when Ares has already been beaten? They cease to disappear or keep on living in the paradise?
How come Steve Trevor’s plane suddenly crashes into the island, just like that?
Now that Zeus is dead, all Gods are dead, and Ares is dead, does it mean that Wonder Woman is the only God that is left? So if Diana has killed Ares, what does she do next?
I guess there are so many logical flaws that are too annoying to ignore. And I am sorry, if all these questions are answered in the comic books or something. But at least they could give us some make-sense background before winding up to those CGI extravaganza, explosion, fire here, fire there.

Photo from: https://screenrant.com/wonder-woman-movie-secret-power-gal-gadot/
In the movie poster, the text said "Justice begins with her". How is so? What kind of justice? She literally just kills Ares, she does what she’s born to do. And her partners, they stopped the gas poison to spread. But that’s it. I don’t see how you could equal "justice" with "winning the war".
Don’t even get me started on the ending. In the battle between Diana and Ares, it was so clear that Ares kicks her ass. And after what feels like eternity, Diana suddenly has so much power from seeing Steve blows up in the air. Complete with the statement "I believe in love." SO CRINGY! I don’t know if they’re trying to convey a message: love conquers all, or anything. But I instantly feel like I’m watching Disney princesses movies instead of superhero one.
The Blablabla
People often says that Wonder Woman is the face of feminism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in when it comes to empower woman in whichever way possible. I just dislike the idea that the movie has to portray Wonder Woman with the most flesh-bearing armor compared to her comrades like Batman or Superman. I mean, even Batman and Superman have latex all over them. But when it comes to Wonder Woman, suddenly she wears corset-tight armour with knee-length wedges? REALLY?
I am amazed by Gal Gadot’s figure, of course, like everyone else. But how can this movie promotes feminism if it still exploits the body part of its main leads? With all the characters wearing snow coat and layers of clothings, Wonder Woman only wears this sexy armour? Would it be so bad if Gal Gadot wears less-revealing armour after all? I am not saying that she cannot do what she wants. I’m saying that if you want woman to be seen by her personalities, or characters, or strength, then you have to avoid selling her looks or sexual appeals in silver plate. Take Black Widow, for example. Scarlett Johansson plays it with less-revealing costume and it still looks bad bass.
See how different they portray "female" and "male" superheroes?

Overall, I won’t say sorry if this was a minority opinion. Everyone I know seems to like the movie. But I have to be honest with myself, I hate this movie. The chemistry lacks, the jokes are too minimum, the characters don’t develop enough, and the effect is over-the-top blows and explosions and look quite rough. Even if it’s played for free in HBO, I don’t recommend you to watch it. Better allocate your 140-minutes to something else.
Wonder Woman is the first movie wherein I was the first one out from the cinema room. That’s how painful it was to me. Would love to see your comments about the movie, though.
In the meantime, see you on the next movie review!
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