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TV Series Review: Big Little Lies - Wandersmurf
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TV Series Review: Big Little Lies

TV Series Review: Big Little Lies

Gosh, I was so so happy when I found Big Little Lies because I was craving for a seriously good TV series. Not just any "good" TV series, but the one which really makes you curious and addicted to binge-watch it. When I first knew that Adam Scott is staring at Big Little Lies, I made a plan to watch it, because I really like his character on Parks and Recreation. And then I found out that big names such as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon also star in this series, and are part of the executive directors! Wohooo! Can’t contain myself any longer.
The Story
I thought Big Little Lies is supposed to be another housewives drama wherein they just look pretty, sexy, and have their first-world problems. But it proves me wrong. From the very start, Big Little Lies build the story around a local homicide conducted in school building. Since the first episode, we can see the tension begins to rise among these mothers of schoolchildren. Anything can lead up to a homicide.
I particularly love how they try to bring complicated issues in this series. It’s like, they wanna tell us that every couples have different problems. One who particularly very rich is being hated by surrounding housewives, one who looks happy and loved turns out to be sexually assaulted by her own husband, and so on so forth. So many tangled problems such as what happens in real life. I also love how the series use fast forward-and-flashbacks- kind of cinematography. They make us curious to keep watching it to the season finale. And I got to admit, I can’t even guess the ending because their stories are very compelling and mysterious. So, thumbs up for their unique take on story angle!

The Cast
Well, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravits? Come on, need I say more? These girls are crazy best powerful and super pretty! I love how great they are within their own characters. Laura Dern being the powerful and super successful career woman, Nicole Kidman being the smart and sweet lady, Reese Witherspoon being the most childish and perfectionist one, Zoe Kravits being the vegan-yoga health-conscious girl, and Shailene Woodley being all wobbly and confused as usual. Perfect package!
To top that, there are geeky Adam Scott, psychotic Alexander Skarsgard, and several cute children, too! I love it. The first time I see Alexander Skarsgard, I immediately guess that this guy is going to be fucked up in this series. He has this great skill in incorporating his character, for which he was nominated for an Emmy’s (hope he wins though!).
The funny thing is, I root for Nicole Kidman the most. She is such a sweet and gorgeous lady in this series. I love her! Really do! Like, every sweater she wears, every blazers, and every coats are just top notch. Nicole Kidman is such a sight and her acting is undeniably excellent. Her face expressions and eyes tell us everything without her even saying a word, and that’s what great actress do.

The Blablabla
Big Little Lies is a mini-series with only 7 episodes aired. But with only 7 hours of time, they manage to portray modern complications in bedrooms and schools. How mothers involved in cat-fight, how children should bear the consequences, how couples have their own fights, affairs, and different types of love.
Big Little Lies does not really use too much of words. The A-team casts have delivered all scenes perfectly just by their facial expressions, smirks, gestures, or even a glance of sight. That’s how powerful their actings are. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why this series is such a hit in international market. Big Little Lies also has KILLER soundtracks! Seriously, one of Madeline’s kid has the best taste in songs. Every songs played in this series is well-thought of.
If you love Mistresses, or Thirteen Reasons Why, but you’re tired of watching unimportant drama from mediocre casts, Big Little Lies might just be the one you’re looking for. It’s casual, nothing too serious, but still addictive enough for you to book a weekend just to binge-watch it. Just like I did πŸ˜‰
Am really excited to hear that they’re developing the second season. Can’t wait to see where life would take Celeste, Jane, and Madeline!
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