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Weekly Soliloquy #3 - Find Your Niche - Wandersmurf
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Weekly Soliloquy #3 – Find Your Niche

Weekly Soliloquy #3 – Find Your Niche

Here’s how to leave an impression in everyone you’ve ever met: find your niche. And then sell it.
Niche is: a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment – by definition. In short, it is sort of like a specialization, the best quality of yourself that you want people to know you for.
Why is it important to pick the niches that you want to show to people? Because once certain qualities stick to you, you will never be able to step back from it.
Find Out Your Current Niches
I have a friend that is so kind, so handsome, and so well-educated. You would think he’s too good to be true. When people find out that he’s gay, well, they stop looking at him objectively. No matter how good he is, how smart, how awesome, they would look at that fact and say "Who? That gay?"
My other friend is super smart, ambitious, and pretty. But all she talks about in front of people is her boyfriend. She has business on her own, she dresses well, she is charming. But every time people heard her name, they just say, "Oh, you mean Tony’s girlfriend?"
You see, people will remember one thing about you. At most, probably three things. What would people remember you for? If you wanna find out, ask anonymously how they would describe you in three words/sentences. What would come out from their lips? "Shes’s so hot" "He’s the most hardworking person I knew" "Oh, that bossy bitch" "She’s super kind and never got angry" "He’s narcissist and only cares about himself" "She works in non-profits" "That girl can write everything you ask for" "Damn, he’s so good at football statistics"
"He’s a freak"
There’s another way, you could observe what kind of jokes people tell about you. In the office, I’m often joked because I’m a foodie who never have the heart to throw away food. So people would usually say, "How could you be so passionate about food, every time you see food, you scream excitedly!" or "Hey, I’ve put aside leftover pizza for you" The second thing is about my night-owl habit. I sleep really really late and wake up later than everybody. So my colleagues already know that every time they need something urgent to be done at 2 AM, they’ll call me. But if it needs to be done by 7 AM, I’ll be their last option. "Yo everyone please wake her up because we’re not sure she’s not gonna be late to the meeting"
or "Can you please please please sleep at 10 PM so that tomorrow you will wake up fresh?"Something like that. You get the point.
If people constantly make a joke about your boyfriend, maybe that’s the only quality they know about you. Those harmless jokes? They are harmful because there are other sides about you that they never get to see.
Do you actually want people to know you for your boyfriend? That’s the best part of your life? Or do you wanna be remembered for your choices of cool Indie music? Or perhaps your work ethics? Or perhaps that you’re a fan of tattoo art?
Anything, anything about your self is so unique and special. We just have to pick several niches and show it to everyone. Wear it like badges.
I’m proud that I’m known for my passion for food and my night-owl habit.
And if you don’t want people to know you for certain aspects of your life, well then just stop talking about it altogether. Don’t bring it up ever again. People will understand, and they will remember you for something else instead.If people tell you that you’re bossy, maybe you can open up to them and say how you are insecure about the quality of your work and that’s why you are so intense.
You don’t want people to stop hanging out with you just because they misunderstand you, right?
I know this might seem unimportant to some people. But it is very important to me. It’s important for me to make people understand that I don’t like throwing food, it’s a principle that I hold dearly. It’s important for people to know that I am not a morning person, because that way they’ll understand that some people function differently than others.
All in all, when we find out each of our own niches, we will understand ourselves better. And everyone around us will do, too.
So what’s your niche?
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Falencia Naoenz
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