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Being Adult is Hard - Wandersmurf
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Being Adult is Hard

Being Adult is Hard

This above quote is partly true. Being and adult is mostly just googling everything!
Thank you to whoever-found-Google. Oh wait, let me google it for one sec. Thank you, Larry Page and Sergey Brin! Who, ironically, if they never found Google, we would never hear their names.
But the rest of it, it’s pretty hard. Recently, every time I see my nephew or cousins who are still in their high-schools and college, I always feel the urge to say to them, "Please, please, please, enjoy your time. Being adult is not as fun as you think."
The hardest part of being an adult is: you have to decide everything! From the dish you want to eat, your ice cream flavor, clothes you want to buy, to whom you’ll want to get married to. It’s hard! One second we were having the best time of our lives in college and now we are obliged to make the decision that will change our lives?
When we were little, everything is decided for us. No ice cream at night, no TV after midnight, no going out on school day. Our parents buy us the meals, we have no rights nor desire to complain. Our parents get us the clothes, on schooldays we have to wear uniform. Our parents decide where to go on this holiday, we just tag along and hope that it’s somewhere nice.
And when we’re adults, we decide everything for ourselves. Of course by then we know ourselves a little bit more than everyone do. But still, it’s a HUMONGOUS responsibility. And the worst part? We cannot blame anyone else for our wrong decisions. If we order a chicken steak and it turns out to be bland, we just gotta suck it up and finish the meal (duh.., cause we paid for it!). At least when we’re little and we don’t like what we eat, we could whine to our parents, or cry, or whatever. But now? Now every time we make unfavorable decision, we could only hate ourselves for it.
Choosing a job.
Trying new dish.
Dyeing our hair.
Keeping our body in shape.
Getting a tattoo.
Watching new movies.
Moving to other country.
Being stuck in an abusive relationship.
Going for a vacation.
Getting an insurance.
Being sick.
There are so many things that can go wrong. And yet, life doesn’t come with manual books. I guess life just wants us to figure it out ourselves. If we can make it in the first try, good! If we can’t? If we keep failing after a hundredth times? Well, it doesn’t care.
This is why it’s important to always learn from someone else. We don’t have enough lifetime to make every mistakes one by one and learn from it, we gotta see the existing examples in our lives. Of course, everyone’s course of life is different, but we can always get new perspectives. Some people quit college and become billionaires, doesn’t mean that we will, too. But it shows us that it is possible.
Some people got divorce after twenty years of marriage. Doesn’t mean we will, too. But it shows us that the longevity of marriage doesn’t guarantee love and happiness.
Some people got drunk and ended up failing their exams. Doesn’t mean we will, too.
But it shows us that it is 90% better to NOT have a drink before exam day.
Whether or not we want to take these new perspectives into our consideration, it’s really up to us. But it’s really calming for me to think that 4 billion adults are making little and big decisions every day, and they survive. Perhaps, with a little bit of help from parents, vodka, an ounce of bravery, an ounce of desperation, or a tequila. There’s no guarantee that we will make it in the first try.
Being adult is hard. It’s harder than the most difficult math problems I encountered in high school. It’s harder than writing the longest research paper I had to do in college. It’s different kind of hard. This time you don’t have a teacher, nor a score, nor a formula or manual to get through anything.
So for adults who are reading this, I want to salute you. You have managed to reach thus far, and you survive!
Ahead, there will be millions other decisions that we’re still gonna make.
May we take the right turn in every crossroads.
And let’s just remember that
even if we don’t
no one makes it out alive from this world.
So just enjoy our lives! 😉
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Falencia Naoenz
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