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Weekly Soliloquy #10 – A Break is Necessary

Weekly Soliloquy #10 – A Break is Necessary

The past two weeks have been crazy. I had three consecutive client events and tons of preparations to do. Not to mention I’m still juggling with my other jobs and trying to balance my work with personal life. I know that I need to work hard but at the same time, I feel guilty whenever I take a break, and that’s not healthy anymore.

Each of us has a lot of burdens and responsibilities. The urge to always get busy is very strong on me. It is as if I commit a sin if I spend the whole day just napping or watching movies. I feel guilty. And the thing is: I should not be. Because a break is necessary. Like a fever or flu, it’s the way our body reminds us that they want to press pause for a while. Not to think about self-development, achievements, ambitious target, or world-changing goals for a little bit. Sometimes, we – a human being – only need to lie back, have some fun, relax ourselves, and do whatever makes us happy. I think it’s the best way to say to our body and brain: hey, thank you for putting up with millions of things everyday. Here’s your reward, I’ll make you happy. 

But It’s not always as easy as that. When we relax, we’ll open Instagram, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. And then one of our colleagues posted: Just got nominated for LinkedIn Power Profile, or just got promoted. Man, don’t we all feel like an idiot. All I could think is: how can you be a great person if all you do is sleeping and laughing at Friends? They’ve done this and that and your lazy ass don’t even feel like going to gym. Argh, it makes me frustrated!

Dolce Far Niente

Dolce far niente is an Italic term that roughly translates to: the sweetness of doing nothing. It has been one of my mojo that I hang in the wall to remind myself: It’s okay to be idle and not do anything. We are not in rush. We are in the process of developing ourselves, but we need to keep the balance. Yes, having lots of money and get reckoned by important figures are good things. But, life runs pretty fast, as they said it. If we do not stop and take time to reflect on what we have, what we do, what we’ve been through, we would miss up a lot of happiness.

We keep chasing one thing after another as if life is a Crash Bandicott race. You snap the point here, take a bonus point there, and gather it up as much as you can. But what I never realize is, we got to live in the present. We got to be happy with the way we are right now.

I am here, I have a roof up my head, I can watch my favorite TV show while eating snacks. I think that’s an achievement on its own.
To have a stress-free mind is the goal of us all, isn’t it?

Anyway, this is just 2AM-rants about my feelings recently. Let’s take a break! Let’s take a lot of naps, go out with friends, sing or dance to our favorite jams, binge-watch our series without feeling guilty! A break is necessary. After all, I believe that each of us has done our best to manage our messy lives. We all deserve the time to relax and not think about comparing ourselves to others. In fact, we have to make time to do the things that make us happy. It’s the only way to keep our sanity in this crazy hectic hedonic world.

Falencia Naoenz
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