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Stay in Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Bandung (Airbnb Review) - Wandersmurf
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Stay in Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Bandung (Airbnb Review)

Airbnb Galeri Ciumbuleuit Bandung

Stay in Galeri Ciumbuleuit 3 Bandung (Airbnb Review)

Six months ago, when I was in Bandung for a little bit of refreshing time, I decided to look for Airbnb and picked the one in Galeri Ciumbuleit 3, Bandung. Having lived in Ciumbuleuit for four years, I know that Galcim 1 & 2 were way too crowded. But Galcim 3 is located nearer the Gandok intersection – and it’s also the latest property. I imagine that the traffic will not be so bad, but it will still be close to everywhere.

Fyi, do you know that there are now sprawling apartments-turn-airbnb in Bandung? I notice it especially in apartments near campus. In Airbnb, there are lots of studio apartment being rented purposefully, meaning that the owners really don’t live in the apartments. And, I guess the owners are kind of a group or property management or some sort because there are plenty of rooms – each with different themed decoration. They all look so alike!

For example, you can pick whether you prefer Indigo Room, Scandinavian, or Ocra Room. It doesn’t matter because they only differ in the wall decor and the bed sheets. Everything else – the bed, the bathroom, desk, chair, even lamps, it’s all more or less the same. This makes me sad actually, because the whole purpose of Airbnb is offering you a real, unique, home-sharing experiences. But nowadays, it’s just so hard to find a decent place embodying those values. Most of the rooms are managed by professionals looking to win this industry by creating so-called ‘Instagramable Airbnb”.

So, how is the Room?

Oh well, here you can find the pictures of the Airbnb, it’s called the Turkish Room. It’s nice and pretty – exactly because it’s designed to be like that. But after all, I would say that it’s very comfortable and the facilities are all there. You got Wi-Fi, smart TV, and very comfy bed & bed sheet. All of the house appliances are from IKEA. You got nice big towels and a balcony that overlooks the swimming pool. I really enjoyed my stay there. It’s definitely cheaper than staying in hotel. I got the rate of around 16$ on weekend.

The only thing that bothers me was the apartment management doesn’t allow sub-renting. So, we had to kinda sneak in and say that we’re the owners’ relatives. During my stay, the management said they couldn’t give me access card for the lift, so I needed to ask for the security guards every single time I want to go out or return to my room. It’s a bit annoying. I couldn’t imagine the trouble if I needed to check in at night, because the apartment management only opens till 4 PM. That’s something you need to consider if you choose Airbnb in apartment rather than hotel with 24-hour receptionist.

Falencia Naoenz
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