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Here’s The Thing about Graduation

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Here’s The Thing about Graduation

Here’s the thing about graduating high school or university and entering the real world. Your life becomes your own. For better or for worse. Yes, you might have to work a crummy job. Yes, you might barely be able to make ends meet. Yes, you are going to have breakups and rejections and struggles that make you feel as though the wind has been knocked straight out of your chest.

But at the end of the day, every struggle, every triumph, every fresh start belongs to you.
Some people will find that statement terrifying. But others will find it absolutely liberating.
And those are the people who will unquestionably love their adult years.

Yes, there are many benefits to being young and careless.
But there’s also a very particular kind of contentment that I believe you cannot truly experience until you hit your adult years.

It’s the pride of looking around an apartment that you fought tooth and nail to make rent on and telling yourself, “This place is mine”.
It’s the joy of landing the first job that aligns with your passion and knowing that you – and you alone – made it happen for yourself.
It’s the comfort of knowing that life is going to throw you curves and speed bumps and heartaches and breaks, but you’re going to steer yourself through every single one of them.

So here is what I’ll give you straight up – it isn’t going to be easy. Not a single, glorious moment of it. You’re going to fail and struggle and fall, and at times it’s going to hurt a lot.. That’s adulthood. They aren’t lying to you about that.

But it’s also going to be phenomenal. You’re also going to succeed and advance and astound yourself with everything you’re capable of.
The truth about being an adult is that it’s exactly as tragic or as wonderful as you let it be. And if you’re ready to fight for the life you want it, it is magnificent.

By Heldi Priebe from ThoughtCatalog.com

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