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Movie Review: Fate of the Furious (FF8)

Movie Review: Fate of the Furious (FF8)

Okay, so in the past few years, people have been talking about how Fast and Furious is getting more about the action and less about the cars. How they have deviated so much from its original plot. But hey, I watched this FF8 and got so much wow-ed!! My colleagues ask why I’m so crazy about Fast and Furious because it’s over the top heroic with little meaning. What they don’t know is that I have been nuts about this movie since the first time my parents got cable TV. I remember that I used to watch this movie with my brothers for endless times. We lost count. And we memorize all the lines from each actors. That’s how much we love the movie!
Since then, I grow up with this movie. Fast and Furious 3, FF4, and then the fifth, sixth, and of course… the seventh, which was the saddest since Paul Walker passed away in the middle of the story shooting. With it, I would never have thought that Fast and Furious could survive. I mean, Mr. Walker is one of the key characters of the movie. How would they make up story without him? But they did. They managed.
When FF8 came out, I lower my expectation. I just want to get refreshing moment and be entertained for an hour or two. It’s nice to reminisce with our past, anyway. But NO! The movie is soo goood!! They made me laugh, they made me happy, they made me entertained. Of course, nothing changes with the characters or the stories. It is still revolving around Dominic Toretto’s family and team. But the Cipher character played by Charlize Theron gives so much interesting new angle among other old players like The Rock or Ludacrics. Charlize Theron and her "icy queen" character as the villain is good, although we have no sufficient background as to why this girl is the most powerful villain in the world.

Just like the previous FF movies, they are still very vibrant, taking the audience to Cuba, New York, and even Russia. The Dominic character is getting stronger in every movie. Vin Diesel will probably be known as Dominic, forever and ever. He’s still that cold, cool, super strong, do-what-I-want kind of a guy, who loves his Letty too much! This is also my most favorite part. I pretty much love Dom & Letty’s chemistry more than anything. They just….fit. They make us wanting to be this really cool couple with really cool gang who do the super awesome stuffs. The way Dom looks at Letty, and the way Letty looks at him, it’s just we can feel their feeling right away. They’re this invincible couple who just never give up on each other. Oh, I root them so so much like crazy :’)
Of course, this movie is 90% action, explosion, and beautiful cars which make us drool all the way. The Ramsay character adds something unique by infiltrating her exotic accent and her super advanced technology and mind. But I could still imagine her beeing the Khaleesi’s translator on the Game of Thrones. She and Ludacrics actually make a geek couple who are also so cool! And Roman Pearce is still the champ with all of his braggings, arrogancies, clumsies, and all of his fool jokes. His remarks here and there make us laugh out loud in the cinema. Seriously, it’s so funny!
To conclude, I know that for some people FF has become really boring and overly heroic at some parts. But I really enjoy watching it. I don’t mind the explosions, gunshots, or massive car crashes, as they make a very interesting stories. We are spoiled by all the extra effect from the producers. I don’t mind, really, because all the characters in the movie are awesome. The cast could not be better (especially Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, gosh she’s so hot!!). I just really ship each and every one of them. Love love love! Ah, and welcome to the club, Brian Marcos <3
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