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Stopping Rape - Wandersmurf
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Stopping Rape

Stopping Rape

Beberapa hari ini aku membaca banyak sekali berita di Indonesia tentang anak kecil bernama Yuyun. Yuyun anak perempuan yang masih duduk di SMP, tapi harus mengalami pengalaman pahit karena menjadi korban pemerkosaan dari 14 laki-laki. Dan kemudian meninggal karena kekerasan tersebut. Empat belas laki-laki, bayangkan!

Semua orang kemudian mengungkapkan pemikiran tentang pemerkosaan tersebut.. Ada yang bilang pemerkosaan terjadi karena baju perempuan yang terlalu mini & mencolok, ada yang bilang karena alkohol yang membuat mabuk, ada yang bilang karena laki-laki tidak bisa mengontrol napsu mereka. But here’s how I thought.
Rape is, arguably, one of the most cruel kind of crime. Why? Because every victim has to live with themselves after that. And each of them feel like they’re stained, they’re dirty, and they hate themselves. It could take years and years before they can probably get over the trauma. Hell, some of them never do. Some of them even got pregnant and have to take care the perpetrators’ kid, which always remind her about her bitter past.

So then we have to ask a question, “Bagaimana mencegah pemerkosaan supaya tidak pernah terjadi lagi?”

Aku selalu percaya pada 3 tahap of anything. Prevention, action, and post-damage. Meskipun aku setuju bahwa rape is 100% the rapist’s fault, but there are some prevention actions that women can do. Salah satunya, tentu dengan tidak mengenakan pakaian yang terlalu terbuka, terlalu mencolok, atau terlalu mini.

It’s not their faults how they want to dress, but they have to think about the consequences of their actions to their surroundings. As the old saying goes “You are free of your actions, but you are not free from the consequences of your actions.” Every crime has to be prevented. Rich people put up fences and guards to prevent of being robbed. So it’s a god thing for women to prevent bad thing to happen at them too.

Selain itu, ada bagusnya pula kalau wanita bisa belajar bela diri, atau membawa beberapa pengaman. Mungkin pisau lipat, pepper spray, atau pengejut listrik (?). Sehingga jika ada apapun yang terjadi, mereka punya kesempatan untuk melepaskan diri.

On the post-damage act, I think the most important thing that the government can do to stop rape is by giving a really harsh punishment. Someone who has taken away someone else’s most intimate touch should be punished as hard as possible. And from a long time, I always think that the best punishment is to cut off the genital of the perpetrators. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a sicko or anything.

But imagine this, there are so many men who are more afraid of losing their sign of manhood instead of death. I even read an article from a doctor who says that every time a man got out from a major operation, the first thing they will check is their genitals. So, the rapists can’t hold themselves because of their lusts, and when we give them this kind of punishment, not only that the rapist can’t repeat their actions, it will also create a massive fear to the other people who’d think of raping someone. It’s a good way to give a sense of deterrence. And also, with this kind of punishment, the rapist has to live with the consequences of their actions. It is fair, since the victim also has to live with the consequences of the rape itself, while they are innocent. What’s not fair is giving the rapist a few years in jail and then they got to walk free.

So really, every time someone asked me what I think about rape, I think it’s about giving a fair harsh punishment for the rapist. Not death, not lifetime jail, but an amputation for their body parts that will really deter them down. Only then, the patriarchy society will realize that men should be able to control their lusts. There will be no other excuse like “Lust is natural, humane, and it’s something you can’t control”. I faithfully hope there will be no more Yuyuns in the world.

Falencia Naoenz
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