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25 Bitter Comments I Say while Scrolling on Instagram - Wandersmurf
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25 Bitter Comments I Say while Scrolling on Instagram

25 Bitter Comments I Say while Scrolling on Instagram

  1. Another baby picture of yours? After that last one just an hour ago? Well, you must think we miss them already. *smirk*
  2. You guys just copy the joke from 9gag and translate it to another language, copycat.
  3. Nobody fucking cares if you have 3rd month anniversary with your boyfriend.
  4. You take a selfie and write a noble poetic motivated caption that you’d just googled and had zero relation with your selfie? What a typical.
  5. Oh I see, so you just went to a movie. I wonder what a movie ticket look like, please capture it and SHOVE IT to my face!
  6. These fashion bloggers must have been crazy if they wear THAT kind of high heels and THAT kind of dress to theme park.
  7. You’re just showing of your cleavage to get attention, kiddo.
  8. Posting a sexy picture and write ‘I’m so fat’ as a bait caption? Wow, you really are an attention-seeker bitch.
  9. Seriously? These celebrities have no real talent, they just make money from endorsement after endorsement. Don’t get fooled!
  10. These girls are really rich. They wear new dresses every day, go to Paris every month, I wonder who their parents are. Wait, do these girls even work?
  11. Okay, your Instagram shows you’re cool, but in real life you’re more like ‘meh’.
  12. Nobody fucking cares if you drink coffee, assholes! Just keep it to yourself!
  13. And KINFOLK? REALLY? Have you not heard something called ‘BOOK’ instead?
  14. Please tell us how hard your day is from the infinity pool you’re swimming in.
  15. Well, look, another lovey-dovey couple for a thousandth times today.
  16. Another happy family portrait and the caption ‘waking up happily’. I wonder who took your whole family pictures in the early morning guys? Is it personal photographer?
  17. Stop promoting your vlog, we all have our own lives to watch as they crumble apart.
  18. Capturing your steering wheel? Why don’t you just zoom the car brand and get it over with?
  19. Oh, how lovely. Another pretentious table captured from the top, to show many delicious meals they have.
  20. Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you HAVE TO post your picture with Christmas tree, or Rudolph horn guys.
  21. Boomerang? Is this a video? Is this a photo? I really don’t get it.
  22. Okay, 2016 is almost over, and YET you still use your doggie snapchat filter.
  23. You guys??? You haven’t even graduated and now you decided to marry? W O W.
  24. If you get a present from someone that you love, and you post it to your social media, it’s bragging off. End of discussion. If you want to be thankful, just tell them you’re thankful.
  25. Well, how nice of you, showing us the picture of Starbucks tumblr. Oh, it’s just so beautiful. I never even see anything like it in my entire life.
Falencia Naoenz
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