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Last Emirates Flight EK451 (Auckland-Bali)

Plane View

Last Emirates Flight EK451 (Auckland-Bali)

I have two dreams that were coming true this year.
First, that I would be studying abroad.
After all the tests, scholarship interviews, applications, letters of motivation.
After countless hours of research, rejections, disappointments.
After working so hard to make myself worthy within the last decade.
Oh, the 12-year-old me would be so proud.

And second, that Liverpool would win the Premier League.
After 30 years of waiting.
After abundant failures years and years again.
Captains, players, and coaches, all come and go.
After humiliating loses and victorious games.
Screaming on top of our lungs or weep down for another defeat.

When I started this year,
I thought these two lifelong dreams were about to come true.
And it would be the greatest year, ever! I can’t help to imagine.

But march came.
And with it, the coronavirus.
After a while, it became really clear
that human being is not a worthy opponent for the force of nature.
When nature strikes in its mightiness,
all we can do is stay low and try our best to survive.
We’re beat up to our core, begging for mercy.

And well,
As beautiful as it is to see those dreams come true,
sometimes they just have to wait.

Maybe next year…

On Auckland Sky, 24 Mar 2020

Falencia Naoenz
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