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Letter to D (1) - Wandersmurf
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Letter to D (1)

Letter to D (1)

Hi D… So fun fact, I almost burst into tears today Thank God I managed to hold it all together You wanna know why? Because damn, I miss you! Do you know I put up our pictures together at my room?
Every single time, I wake up with your smiling cheeks and my silly face
And well, although it’s been a year I can’t seem to deal with the fact That you’re gone.
So, quick updates..
Yesterday I had conversation about going for my master degree Hey, you remember?
You said we’re gonna apply together To the same country, at least And I always teased you because you’re so lazy finishing your application But well, turns out I’m no better.
Remember that IELTS test we studied together? You asked me to collect all IELTS quiz from the internet just so that you can practice? And I, of course grudgingly, did. But if I knew that was the only time we had. I would do anything to get you every single quiz test ever written.
You deserve it. After all that you’ve done for me.
I mean, when I’m talking about my master degree plan. I couldn’t help but thinking You’d be the perfect person to talk to.
You’re a genius. You love learning new things. You know all of my dreams and ambitions. And most importantly, you know me in and out.
How could I lose you?
You know, if I ever finish my dissertation. Like your dissertation that you so proudly showed off, over and over again. I would put your name.
On the first page. You deserve it. After all that you’ve done for me.
Now I’m losing my mind because I don’t know who I can discuss it with. No one can be so open minded and thoughtful than you. No one knows academics better than you.
We should have studied in England together, just like what we planned. And yet, I’ll be forced to pursue one of my biggest dreams…. Without having the chance to make you proud. Without having the chance to thank you. For all that you’ve done for me.
Hey, D. I never say this, but… Do you miss me in heaven?
Falencia Naoenz
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