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That Perfect Kind of Rain - Wandersmurf
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That Perfect Kind of Rain

That Perfect Kind of Rain

I always like this kind of rain. Everything is quiet. As if, scared.
This kind of rain pours without any sign known by human being.
And it lasts on, and on, and on.
It’s been two hours, if I count it right. Where the soil soaks up and is full of petrichor. You just want to.. Take the deepest breath and save up the memory of this sweet aroma. For a moment, you truly wish someone smarter out there, invent the device to save up a smell. So anytime you need it, you can open the jar and taken aback by the petrichor.
This kind of rain assures you That whatever is happening right now It can wait. It can wait until the rain has stopped.
This kind of rain makes you think.
This kind of rain makes you miss people who you haven’t thought for a while.
As if their memories are carried on by each drop of water.
A gentle reminder, that although these people have disappeared, Although you no longer see them in persons, But the memories are never gone.
This kind of rain. It makes your worst day a little bit better.
It makes even your happiest day a little bit gloomy.
This kind of rain makes you want to quit everything that you are doing. Just that, right away. You just want to snuggle underneath the warm blanket. In 3×4 meters room that you call: a Home.
This kind of rain washes away all of your thoughts into a single melancholy song. You just want to resign from your cubicle office hour. And become a full-time poet. Or write a song. Or a poem. Just like what I am doing right now.
This kind of rain makes you think twice about the purpose of life.
All of you skeptics will cringe – what does the rain have to do with life?
I don’t know how. But it sort of tells you that there’s more to life than your money.
There’s more to life than your latest investment or the rise of stock market.They all just sound…

Irrelevant. Insignificant, if you will. I always like this kind of rain. If you look at a glance, you can see the sweet harmony of wind and the clouds. From afar, it almost looks like a storm. Or a snowfall


I always like this kind of rain.
I love every single minute of it.
Falencia Naoenz
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