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Stepping Out is Scary, but You’d be Glad You Did It

Stepping Out is Scary, but You’d be Glad You Did It

Have you ever taken a shower with cold water? And remember how much you HATE it? Just thinking about the need to shower makes you sick. You just wanted to lie in bed all day and do nothing. Just wrapped so incredibly comfortable with your favorite blanket. Hell, you can even sleep again till noon if you want to. The point is, you DON’T WANT to get up and take the cold shower.

Remember when your whole body shivers even BEFORE you put the shower on? And you can imagine exactly how you feel if the cold shower begins dropping on your shoulder? And then, you turn on the shower. And for the first three seconds, your heart jumps. Your body shakes, and you feel shocked. But the rest of it.. Well, the rest of it, you feel glad you did it. Every splash of cold water feels refreshing.

And then you wonder why you’re so scared of getting under the shower.

As I think about it, that’s what we usually feel when we have to step out of our comfort zones. Our comfort zones can vary in forms. It could be our hometown, our parents’ house, our social peers, our country, whatever, it could be as simple as our habit. And yet, once in a while, we are going to make a change. We need to step out. Either to move to other country, or to live alone for the first time, or to try breaking the bad habit. We have to step outside our comfort zones. It’s exactly like how we’re supposed to get up from our comfortable bedding and blanket. We have to face the things we’re not comfortable with: cold shower, new job, new friends, new habit, etc.

And sure, I bet most of the times in the first three seconds our body is gonna shake. Our heart jumps, and we feel shocked. It’s not something we’re accustomed to. But the rest of it.. Well, the rest of it, we’ll feel glad we did it. Every step is exciting. Every second we’re feeling something we never feel before. And turns out, our mind and our heart need it.

So, every time you’re about to step out of your comfort zone, remember, it’s just as simple as taking a cold shower in the warmth of your blanket. It’s scary, you hate the idea of it.

But eventually, you’d be glad you did it.

Falencia Naoenz
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