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That One Numbing Sentence - Wandersmurf
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That One Numbing Sentence

That One Numbing Sentence

It was one of those days. When the skies are clear, the wind breezes, and the earth looks pretty.
When the sun wraps you in warmth. When the day feels almost perfect.
You joyfully sing to the song in the radio, can’t even wait to get home and have the rest of the evening with yourself.
It was one of those calls. And texts. The words you’ll never forget.
The words which make you numb, choked, and speechless. "He’s passed away."
In any day, in any other circumstances, those words might mean nothing. It could be someone’s grandpa, or some friend’s relatives. And you said your condolences and sympathies. But the truth is: you don’t really know them too well, to mean what you say.
But today, today this means everything.
Because that "he" in "he’s passed away" is a friend.
The healthiest and the most cheerful person I know.
The real athlete.
Volley, basketball, cycling, swimming, you name it. And he’ll beat you to it.
I mean, he would.
I still remember his typical jokes. Sarcastic and yet funny as hell.
The one who got me thinking, "Women are not funny. Men are funny."
His friendship with my brother defines the word "Bro-mance".
Even before it’s cool.
They’ve been friends for two decades. And when most people drift apart, they stand stronger, though the continents keep them hundred miles from each other.
But God, if you are real, I just wanna say, "Seriously?" Of all the people on earth, you chose him? What did he do wrong?
Today I learn, again, how unpredictable you can lose your best friend. I know some of us always think, "Hey, maybe I’ll visit them and we hang out just like the old times."
And then time goes.
And goes…
And goes… And later becomes never.
And before you know it, life knocks either one of you down, seizing all the time you have in the world.
It’s scary how much life can give you everything, and the next second it takes away everything.
I bid him goodbye with this letter. Biting my lips and typing with my shaking hands on the damp keyboard.
Looking at his photos that people post on the internet,
as if it would bring him back to life. But I know how much he’ll be missed. That lovely funny inspirational guy.
Hey dear, You’re not a friend. You’re a brother.
Falencia Naoenz
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