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The Little Things You Do

The Little Things You Do

With sleepy eyes you wake up and offer to make me some breakfast. I’m not really used to eat early in the morning but with you, I’d love to.

At the end of the day when I’m about to sleep, you curse because you forgot to wash the dishes. I offer to help you on it and you say, “No, it’s the least I can do”. Simple as it sounds, it melted my heart instantly.

When I got a tons of luggage, you’re always ready to lend a hand, giving me the lightest possible bag. Even when we go to grocery-shopping, you always snap the plastic bags from my hands.

When I’m confused or a little bit emotional, you always be my rock. You think logically, objectively, and make me see the problem in a much clearer perspective.

Even though you’re sleepy as hell, you listen to my rants about the most insignificant things that happened that day. You listen to my stories, as random as it gets, and you never once said that it’s boring.

You hold my hands every time we’re about to cross the road, or simply when walking by foot. You make me feel safe.

When I say I want to eat Ramen for the 100th time of the month, you say, “Let’s go!” even though I know how much you hate it. And you said, “Well, I signed up for eating thousands of ramen bowls for the rest of our lives.” And I love you for it.

You always make sure I get home safe.

You know exactly when to give me some space and time to be alone with my thoughts, or have some quality time with my family and friends. You make me realize, love is supposed to make you feel free. It means having fun together, but also, having a good life outside the relationship.

You let me play games or take a nap for hours. And you pat my head when I win another level.

You’re willing to trade meals with me just because I like yours better. And even though I’m not hungry, you order me my favorite food because you know I’m gonna eat it anyway.

On the busiest days, you sneak out and spare couple minutes to call me or send me cute memes.

You always cheer me on my happiest days and be there for me when things get rough. And you always know the right thing to say.

When I feel down and stupid, surrounded by a bunch of more successful smarter people, I remember you said, “That means you are in the right room.” And it totally changes my mindset.

There’s a million little thing that makes me realize, how lucky I am to have you.

I love you, for all the things you do.

Falencia Naoenz
  • Falencia Naoenz
    Posted at 00:43h, 29 September Reply

    Thank you so much!

  • Thomas
    Posted at 01:56h, 06 September Reply

    Totally inspiring! :”)

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