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Why I Have to Work Hard - Wandersmurf
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Why I Have to Work Hard

Why I Have to Work Hard

If people see me sometimes they ask, “Why do you want to work so hard? Why bother being far away from your home and your parents, just to earn a living? I mean, there are jobs in your hometown too right?”And I find it very hard to explain, why part of me loves being independent and living alone. Not that I have all the freedom in the world, although to certain level it does feel liberating. You only have your own self to worry about. But when you’re sick and all alone, you’re so gonna wish you are at home where everyone takes care of you. Trust me, the hardest part of living far away from home is when I got sick and I still have to count on myself to buy meals and medicines and basically forces my body to stop whining.

But to answer that question: I have to work hard because not everyone is born on rich family. My parents are not rich, they have barely enough to support me and my brothers but they do everything they could to make that happen. My parents have three kids, and all of us get the freedom to choose our universities, boarding house, etc, which is more than enough because only few kids can have the option. I feel like they have given everything they had, to make sure me and my brothers have enough dime and enough degree to have a good job and life. I never want to let them down. I want to take them to holidays – because holidays for five people can be so expensive, sometimes. I want to support them and even though that’s not enough, my parents are my biggest motivation. I have to work hard for them, so that they know their efforts were not in vain. I can be somebody useful and successful.

I want to work hard because I want to finance my own self. If I marry, I want to finance my own wedding. Yup. From the shoe, to the flowers and the venue, I want to pay it from my own pocket. It’s my day and no one should throw a party for you! I mean, if you get married with your parents’ money, maybe you haven’t deserved to get married yet? Cause you can’t finance even a party for yourself?

I want to work hard because I want to buy and build my own houses. Houses, because I want to have two houses, one for good, and the other one is a beach house. And you know how the price for houses are skyrocketing every year? If I don’t work hard from now, I will never be able to afford my own house.

I want to work hard because I love reading from the books. Yeah, those conventional-stinky-and-the-most-lovable-things-ever-created books. I hate e-book and the price for books are quiet challenging to afford. So to fulfill my upmost needs, I have to work hard. I have to earn a lot of money to be able to read something’s worthy.

I want to work hard because I don’t want to depend on anyone else. Sure, every girls can hope that they’ll meet their princes (read: super rich guy) and then get married and live happily ever after. But not me. I think having a partner who is far richer than you is really dangerous. Again, it’s all about personalities, but the possibility of him looking down at me because I don’t earn as much as him is really high. I don’t want to depend on my parents, neither or any guy as my partner. I don’t want to spoil myself in such easiness. I want to experience how hard it is to afford food and my favorite jeans priced half of my monthly salary. I want to know how it feels to be broke and have to eat instant noodles for a week straight. I want to know how it feels to be craving for something I couldn’t afford yet, like travel to Europe or America. I want to remind myself not to take anything for granted.

I want to work hard because in it, I feel a certain level of addiction. I feel like I have to be mean with myself and there is no shortcut I can take. I want to work hard because I have appetite of an Italian and I have fashion lust of a fashionista. Well, I am not exactly a fashion fan, but I do love several brands a little too much: Charles & Keith for their shoes, Mango for their jeans, Bvlgari for their perfume, so it’s really hard indeed to buy them. Instead of lowering my standard, I have to raise up my game. I have to work hard, I want to earn them. I want to smile from ear-to-ear when I finally have them in my shopping bag, as a result of two weeks of extra work, a week of instant-noodle eating, and two months of not being able to buy anything else. Crazy, I know. But if I have to choose between eating out for 100k or saving up for my next-favorite-jeans, I will definitely choose the latter.

I want to work hard because I don’t want people to not taking me seriously. I don’t want to meet with people and see them thinking about how lucky I am to have a rich parents or rich boyfriend. I don’t want them to see me as a lucky person. I want them to see me as a workaholic-who happens to be able to have everything she wants. I want people to see me and see a person they can learn from. I want to work hard because I want to inspire. And no one will feel inspired from a lady who inherits all of his husband’s money, right? I mean, every one can do something when they have all the money and the links. But building from scratch, building from zero, that is what inspiration should come from.

I want to work hard because I see no other way of living. Although I aspire to be a constant traveler, I wish that my life would still be busy enough. I want to work hard because that is the only way to achieve my dreams, my goals, and my plans. I’d do whatever it takes!

Falencia Naoenz
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