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A Quirky Stay at Beat Hotel, Bangkok - Wandersmurf
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A Quirky Stay at Beat Hotel, Bangkok

Beat Hotel Bangkok Thailand

A Quirky Stay at Beat Hotel, Bangkok

Hi, fellas! Long time no see, ey? (Read this with British accent because I have just watched Black Mirror and holy shit, it’s awesome!)
Okay, so quick updates. I’ve been wanting to write about my stay at The Beat Hotel, Bangkok. But time has gotten the best of me. So today, I wanna spare some time to give you the glance at this quirky hotel.

I was in Bangkok last November to attend the UNESCO conference. To be honest, I didn’t really have much time to do research and prepare for my departure. I kinda let this one slide because I thought, “Well, this isn’t exactly holiday, ain’t it?” But thank God, I managed to have SO MUCH FUN at Bangkok even though the weather makes me want to cuss every.single.time. It’s hot. It’s really really hot.

Pretty Hotel in Strategic Location

Okay, now let’s talk about the Beat Hotel. It is located at Phra Kanong, the same long road that goes directly to the airport. So it’s quite strategic but there’s not many cafes around. The closest tourist attraction is only 3-4 BTS stations away. As you can see in the photos, the room itself is so spacious! You got a king-size bed and also a window sofa (I love this!). You get a drawer, a long table to work, and also a spacious bathroom. It’s really a relief because weeks before this I stayed at Hong Kong and the room was so so small.

Clearly, the space is not the only highlight from this hotel. Coming to the room, you will fall in love with its quirky colorful mural. Seriously, they are too pretty! I guess this hotel tries to get out our inner alien-soul or whatever. But I really like a unique hotel like this, it’s not bland like the usual hotel rooms, right?

For the bathroom, they use a darker vibe. I prefer a dark-colored bathroom because then I wouldn’t see like dirt or hair fall all over the place. Seriously, why is dark bathroom not that common. And in the Beat Hotel, you would also get this cute little pocket from the receptionist, containing toiletries.

Overall, the room is comfortable although the bedding could use more fluffy pillows. The breakfast place is awesome because the cafe downstairs is incredibly pretty to start your day before exploring the city. The choices for breakfast is limited, but I think it’s more than enough to fill in your tummy. Obviously, you still want to try the famous street food of Thailand later, right?

So go! If you plan to stay at Bangkok, this hotel can be perfect choice, especially if you bring along a little family. Nearby the hotel you could also find open food court with wide array of food stalls. Good for grabbing quick dinner and snacks. Have fun! Khob-kun-kha!

Disclaimer: Currently, I am stressing out because I have so many items in my to-do-list and I don’t have much time to complete them all. But here I am. Look at me, dodging one responsibility at a time, escaping to write a little rant in this blog. Again. Haha.

Falencia Naoenz
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