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Backpacker Unites at the Bed Station Hostel Bangkok

Bed Station Hostel Bangkok

Backpacker Unites at the Bed Station Hostel Bangkok

Bangkok has the best options for hostels, no kidding! That’s why even though I can actually afford staying at three-star hotel, I’d end up choosing the most trendiest hostel called the Bed Station.

It is located at Soi Phetchaburi 16, very close to BTS station, you just have to walk for 5 minutes. Aside from easy access to public transportation, it’s also within the walking distance to Platinum Mall. Platinum Mall is like this huge mall consisting of everything you need, but mostly fashion stuffs. But they are all so GOD DAMN CHEAP! I have no idea how they trip down their prices like that. You know what? I bought so many stuffs that my suitcase couldn’t even contain it anymore.

Bed Station = Heaven of Backpackers

The Bed Station is like HEAVEN for backpackers. First of all, the interior design has some industrialist ambiance that’s really cool. You will be welcomed with communal table, giant teddy bear, and some refreshments and snacks if you’re hungry in the middle of the day. Second, I find that the bedding is really good for hostel standard. You have to try their blanket. It’s soooo comfy I could die!


Bed Station Hostel Bangkok

For a pretty cheap rate (not even USD 10), you have complete amenities, from towel, locker room, and even extra pillow. The bed has curtains too, which is something that I love because I’m really insecure about privacy. Sometimes when I got too tired after walking all day, I just want to lay down and not having anyone trying to make conversation with me. I bet you know that feeling, right?

Common Area at The Bed Station Hostel

Third reason why you HAVE TO stay at Bed Station Hostel in Thailand is because of their common area facilities. It’s what all backpackers have dreamed of. I imagine if there’s anything like World Backpacker Association, Bed Station Hostel is definitely one of the headquarters.

Last but not least, you can also keep your backpack in their storage room for over a month! It’s good for whoever of you wanting to travel to other countries without taking so many unnecessary stuffs.

So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself one of the bunk beds in Bed Station Hostel if you ever be in Thailand. It’s so comfy, relaxing, and friendly. One of the best hostels I’ve been, for sure. Hope I could go back soon!

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