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Civil War - Wandersmurf
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Civil War

Civil War Review

Civil War

Hello! I just watched the most-waited movie among all, which is the Civil War: Captain America and Iron Man. Of course, I am really really curious about the Marvel’s version of civil war, since I heard that Batman vs Superman turned out to be trash. Even though I’m not a big fan of Marvel or DC comic, but I do enjoy once in while action movie with a lot of famous handsome and hottie characters. And in Civil War, you got it!

What I like the most about the Civil War is I know that this movie is well-thought, meaning that the producers and the directors of the movie was really thinking about how these two heroes who used to work as a team involved in a conflict. Let alone a conflict which involve so many other superheroes of Marvel. So, the plot is really smooth and it all makes sense what puts the fire in the very first place. It doesn’t seem like the scene is forced. Fighting about differences, or priorities, or in this case, over trust issue, is very common between friends. And what makes it even more interesting is the existence of plot twist where Iron Man – who initially tried to help Capt – knows something about his past and fight him over, again. I was very impatient to see who’s gonna win the battle, since it will be an important scene. You know, the directors must be hesitant if one of the superhero get beaten, because that means the superhero is not strong enough, right? Which is, in the case of Batman and Superman, they ended up in a tie – or an unclear ending. But in Civil War, they really show that one have won the battle (I won’t tell you because that will be spoiler) fair and square, and for all the right reasons. Thus, in terms of plot, I give it 8.5/10.

In terms of casting, I feel like Marvel always have been great in selecting its actors. Well, except the new Spiderman maybe? I don’t know, among all the superheroes there, I can not really relate how the SpiderMan can be cooler than Andrew Garfield. For me, personally, Andrew Garfield joining in the Civil War will turn up the rate for 20%! He’s funny, he looks smart, he looks ignorant yet sentimental. Just the way we like SpiderMan to be! But anything else, from Scarlet Witch, AntMan, Hawkeye, etc. they are all just born to be Marvel heroes. Hats down for Marvel which manages to put together at least 10 big actors in a scene!!
Undoubtly, 9/10 for the castings.

The other thing that I like about Civil War is there are still quick wits and jokes typical Marvel thingy, which makes it not boring after all the fights and bumps and fists. That, you can’t find in DC movie.

But some things are disturbing me a bit:

1. How come the T’Challa all of a sudden possess some kind of super power with his panther suit, his advance plane, I don’t know…..it’s just too sudden for me. There is no explanation whatsoever of how he has all those technologies and power. Maybe in the comics?
2. In the Civil War, the Iron Man seems more humane. He is not so cocky anymore, not so ignorant, not so rude. On the contrary, the Captain America, who used to be in military, refused to work together with the UN and initiate a rebel or free movement? For me, personally, maybe it makes more sense if the Iron Man is the one who doesn’t want to be held back. He’s a business man, entrepreneur, an arrogant, and an arm-trader. Yet, Captain America, who in the Avengers act so very obliged to his boss, suddenly become rebellious, and refused all attempts that might hold his ambitions.

But, aside from those two points, I really enjoyed the movie! It’s funny, it’s entertaining, and you got to see Scarlet Johanssen, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Martin Freeman, etc in one scene! Go watch it, or the internet will spoil everything to you!

Falencia Naoenz
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