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After Life – TV Series Review

After Life TV Series

After Life – TV Series Review

After Life by Ricky Gervais is easily one of the best, most poignant and lovely TV series that I’ve ever watched. Ricky Gervais’ type of comedy might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoy it. He is always brilliant and he’s able to discuss serious issues with provocative banter and satire.

After Life tells a story about a recently-widowed man named Tony. His wife, Lisa, passed away because of cancer, but she left him a sort-of “guide through life” video. The series than follow the life of Tony after he was left alone. He became depressed, sad, and even suicidal. But eventually, the kindness from the people around him rubs him in and makes him realize that life really matters.

Here’s why you should add After Life to your Netflix watch list:

  1. The cuss
    Oh yes, the cuss alone makes me chuckle. I think Ricky plays a huge chunk of himself as Tony. Tony is depressed, ignorant, atheist, and cusses a loooot!
  2. The love between Tony and Lisa
    I think the format of After Life is spot-on. Tony regularly watches videos of Lisa who reminds him of what to do and not to do. In every episode, viewers can really see and feel how much Tony loved his wife, how great their chemistry and marriage was. It was such a touching story – and one that would make every viewers dreaming to find a love that pure.
  3. The friendship
    I don’t know if I should call it friendship. In the series, Tony doesn’t really have a “best friend”, except maybe his brother in-law. But, there is a random friendship that he creates with people around him – his colleagues in the newspaper, the prostitute, the junkie, or Anne. There’s so much comedy and laughs about Tony’s banter with every cast. I love how he could find a friend in the most unlikely scenario. These ‘friends’ are the ones who eventually play important roles in helping him get over the grief.
  4. The life lesson
    It pains me a lot to see Tony losing his wife. I cannot imagine how it feels to lose the love of your life – whom you have been sharing dozens of years with. Throughout the series, viewers get to see some of the most important life lessons. My favorite scene would be this:

All in all, After Life is such a beautiful, well-written, and rich story. I managed to finish it only in three days, during which, I laughed a lot and cried, too. You’ll feel a roller coaster of emotions and that’s what makes the series so unforgettable.

Trust me, after watching this, you’d want to hug your partner and not take them for granted. Can’t wait for After Life Season 3!

Falencia Naoenz
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