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Book Review: Inferno - Wandersmurf
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Book Review: Inferno

Inferno by Dan Brown Review

Book Review: Inferno

Oh, dear God! Just as what the book writes all over again, I say that to myself oftentimes while reading this book.

I think the best book is the kind of book that makes you think differently. And I felt so so inspired with what the book has to offer. I know it’s fiction, but not entirely-fiction. This is too related to the real world. I, too, admire Bertrand Zobrist’s intellectual solution, and his guts to execute it, obviously. I love all the symbolic games, hidden passage, and the history that Dan Brown implicitly tells the readers through Robert Langdon’s adventure.

You know what’s more mind blowing: This 500-pages book describes only ONE DAY of occurrence. Insane, I know! Insane yet a great book to read. If I had ever been to Italy or Turkey before, I am sure that this book will even be twice better! Because there are so many details, so many streets and famous sites described as if we are looking at it in front of our eyes. Maybe that is why I feel so engaged with this book, I was really curious about the whole story (even though I have watched the movie previously).

What I’m really glad is to find the ending written differently than the movie. YEY! But seriously, Inferno offers us a whole new perspective to look at the world. And it changes my whole perspective too. While I’m reading the book, I could actually feel like my mind is absorbing all these views and try to have one independent view on my own. They do not share the ending until it was a very last page. And I feel so moved. I don’t wanna spoil it here. Because I know how valuable the ending is and how it must suck if someone else spoils it for me.

But, Inferno, and Dan Brown, I thank you for opening up my mind. In the most radical yet the smoothest way. Read it, please I beg ya!

Falencia Naoenz
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