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Trip to Belitung Island - Wandersmurf
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Trip to Belitung Island

Pulau Belitung, Pulau Lengkuas

Trip to Belitung Island

My job is so cool! I got the chance to teach all the highschool students regarding the MUN AND I have a chance to know them as my new friends! But not only that, as a reward for having taught them for a year, I got a PAID HOLIDAY! 🙂 All of a sudden, I just booked the plane tickets and the hotel reservations and here I go to the BELITUNG island!
Belitung Island is one of the most famous yet underrated island in Indonesia. It is located in the Sumatra and was starting to famous after it became the shoot scene for popular movie “Laskar Pelangi”. Since I am a huge huge fan of a beach, of course I’m super duper excited! But learning from my experiences when I was about to go to Singapore, I learn to maintain my overjoy and expectations. So from 2 April 2016, I went to the island I never thought I’d be!
I love Belitung Island for at least three main reasons. First, and foremost, of course, it has so many beautiful beaches. Even more beautiful than the mainstream Bali island, if I had to be honest. But the waves are not big like in Bali. So this is the kind of beach to relax, get your skin tanned, and go for a long walk. Look at them. I mean, seriously, aren’t these beaches the best?
Forget about Maldives. This is the sanctuary which is only one-hour-flight away! And what’s even more fun about this is the beach is quite, there is no over crowd from tourists or souvenir sellers everywhere. It just felt like the beach is entirely ours. The water is warm, clean, and transparent, you could see anything goes on underneath the water. And the people are so kind, they are humble, and they do not overcharge you for anything, unlike any other famous island in Indonesia. Ah, simply the best! For four days straight I went to beaches because Belitong has so many different beaches. Here are the most beautiful ones: Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Pulau Lengkuas, and Tanjung Pendam. More detailed informations regarding these islands, I will write later.
The second reason why I fell for Belitong was because of its food. Although Belitong offers some of the best seafood experiences, sadly I cannot tell much about it since I have deep allergies for shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and octopuses. But I am not exaggerating when I say that there is NO Food that is not delicious in Belitong. Everything is drop dead delicious and tasty! From its street coffee, fish soup, grilled fish, noodles, and any other culinary dishes. They are all addictive and this is one of the valid reason to come back to Belitong over and over again. The humble dishes are straight up the best. I dare you not to drool over these pictures.
AND aside from its beautiful beaches and delicious dishes, I fell for Belitong because of its ambiance. When travelling, ambiance is very important to me. It’s useless to see the most beautiful sunrise in the world where you have to jostle with hundred other people. In Belitong, tourist will be highly welcomed by the islanders. You’ll find them talking to you while serving your food, helping you when you’re lost, etc. The island is so quite, there is almost no pub or night club which open till midnight. For four days there, I simply forget all about my tasks, my job, day, month, responsibilities. Because it just doesn’t sound as important as spending the day under the clear sky, soaking in the blue tosca water, and just enjoy the rest of the day.
Which is why, this will not be the first time I come to Belitong. But this story should make you book your first trip there, I hope!!
Falencia Naoenz
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