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Hotel Kollektiv Bandung: Industrialistically Chic

Breakfast Kollektiv Hotel Bandung

Hotel Kollektiv Bandung: Industrialistically Chic

Once upon a time when I was in Bandung, I was looking for someplace unique to stay, someplace quite remote from the city center, so I won’t be stuck looking at traffic all day long. And then I decided to stay at Hotel Kollektiv – it’s a rather new establishment around a year ago, famously known for its facade, which looks like stacked of yellow and black containers.  Needless to say, aside from its pretty industrialist look, the inside is also super chic!

The Bedroom

This is the most important thing to choose a hotel: the bedding. And boy, does it deliver! Kollektiv has a VERY COZY bedding, I especially like the kind of floating bedding with woods around it – so that you can put your phone, food, snacks, right beside you. And you can see from the photo how absolutely fluffy the pillow and the blanket are. I know it looks rather small, but their interior design is so neat, you won’t even realize it.

Breakfast Situation

So here’s how breakfast works at Kollektiv. On weekdays (when occupancy rate is low), they will hand you a menu and then you can choose breakfast meal a la carte. The menu is quite nice, it has many options from the full English breakfast to a smoothie bowl, so you will not get bored even if you stay for several days. My full breakfast looks appealing but I gotta stay the taste is not really there. Many elements are off, I don’t know why. But thank God they still provide breakfast cereals, so at least I got full eating the cheerios.

Breakfast Kollektiv Hotel Bandung

On weekends, though, you will have a breakfast buffet. And again, although it was not really spectacular, but it’s sufficient enough to recharge my energy before the day begins. You have cereals, bread, butter, fried rice, chicken fingers, potato wedges, and fruit.

I gotta say I really like having breakfast at Kollektiv, not primarily because of the food, but because of the ambiance. They have like open-air area where there’s a breezy wind, chirping birds, and since they are located in quite area, so you can spend the morning peacefully – without having to hear a vehicle honking. I always look forward to spend the time in their huge breakfast space.

All in all, Kollektiv Hotel is an obvious choice if you’re in Bandung for some peaceful staycation. It’s so chic and green, they even have a bird hanging in front of our doors, so the bird-chirping thing is quite nice. And for around IDR 500k/night, I think it’s so worth it!

Falencia Naoenz
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