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Pigeon Hole, Bintaro - Wandersmurf
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Pigeon Hole, Bintaro

Pigeon Hole Bintaro

Pigeon Hole, Bintaro

Once upon a time, in a very strange day, I found myself lost in Bintaro (20km far away from my home!). Then I immediately searched for the coffee shop to relax a little bit. And I found Pigeon Hole coffee shop and immediately fell in love. Oh, I just wish it was closer to my home because I would LOVE to sit in these chairs looking at the window and daydreaming.

The Food

I guess the food and drink in Pigeon Hole Cafe is moderate, around 30-50k/item. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I don’t have many options left from the menu. But I ordered an aglio alio pasta, in which they actually use a really thin pasta – it looks a lot like vermicelli but it could also be angel’s hair pasta? I don’t know for sure but it offers a lighter taste, just the one I needed in the morning since I don’t want to be full.

Pasta at Pigeon Hole

The Interior

From outside, Pigeon Hole has shown its beauty. Inside, it has a spacious room and not very crowded. It also has smoking room right at the back of the cafe, so it doesn’t disturb the non-smokers like me. The bathroom is neat and cute, I felt like I was in an Airbnb. Haha.

Pigeon Hole Bintaro

The common problem with finding the right coffee shop to work is, some coffee shops choose to play their music SO LOUD, it’s annoying. Thank God, Pigeon Hole wasn’t one of them. I could enjoy my morning peacefully in the bar stool and just look at the window. Honestly, I really LOVE cafes with people-watching windows like this. Too bad, it was in Bintaro 🙁

But if you are around, please do pay a visit to this fun cafe!

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