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Bucket List #4: Watch The Script Concert

Bucket List #4: Watch The Script Concert

Since the day I watched Bucket List movie with my brothers, I pledged to myself that I would have my own Bucket List. On one afternoon I just sat down and started to write down some of the things that I have to do before I die. Life is short, I don’t want to “go with the flow”, I want to take control and make sure that I get everything I want.

Write Your Goals, It’s Important!

1) Writing your goals will make you more likely to achieve it. The power of visualization is very strong. I read so many self-help books and there’s always a part where you have to hang pictures of your dreams so you can visualize your future every time you look into it. (If you read “The Secret”, you know what I’m talking about)

2) Life can be confusing with so many turns, ups and downs. Stuck in the middle of daily routine, you might lose guidance and directions. I like Bucket List because it enables me to revisit the goals in my life, so that I won’t forget. And even if I forget, I can be reminded again and work harder to achieve it.

Checking My Bucket List: The Script’s Concert

So far, I have 50 items in my Bucket List. Witnessing The Script’s Concert is at Number Four. And finally, I crossed it on April 2018! Let me tell you, that night was so special I cried happy tears! 🙂

I have been a HUGE FANS of The Script since the first time I heard A Man Who Can’t be Moved. I thought to myself, “Hey, this band is unlike any other band. They can write some SICK SONGS.” For me, the best music is the one with the most meaningful lyric and story. That’s why The Script is the best band for my taste, their songs are always incredibly honest, poetic, and most of the time – heart-breaking.

The moment I knew they’re gonna tour to Asia, I immediately locked on the concert ticket. I couldn’t wait any longer to hear them live! I couldn’t wait to see Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, and Glen Power at the same stage!
You know, some people said that if you want to judge a true musician, go to their concert. If they sound good, it means that it isn’t the recording and auto-tune that helped them. And I am sure, The Script will sound EVEN BETTER when they sing live.

Grin all over my face after queuing for at least 5 hours to secure some front spots.

The Day has come! When I was inside the venue, I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I cheered on the opening band, but deep inside I wanted them to stay away so that Denny can start already!

And there he goes! Lights off as he was jumping to the stage for the first song: Superheroes! AND I SCREAM MY LUNGS OUUUUTT LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW. Denny, Mark, and Glen’s voices are GOLD! They sang like angels, really!

What I love the most about the concert was their energy and passion throughout. They jumped here and there, they switched musical instruments, they didn’t just stay on the stage, they blended in right with all the audiences. Yes, they literally went one-by-one to every seating area to make sure that all of their fans can meet and interact with them. THAT was something that any other band might not even do.

After singing out the Superheroes, The Script proceeded with other songs like Wonders (my favorite), Arms Open, Nothing, If You Can See Me Now, For the First Time, Rain. In the middle of concert, they ran and set up a stage among the crowd.

They sang “Never Seen Anything Quite like You” so beautifully, it sounded even better than the recording version. And THAT was when I cried happy tears. I was so so so happy. Each song reminded me of some moments in my life and I felt so lucky that I have been saving up and managed to see my idols performed.

I just realized how talented they are. Denny sang so well, I love him so much! He played the guitar, played the piano, and even tried the drums. Mark Sheehan has such powerful presence and scaled up the energy in the venue. All of the audience joined in the hype. It was touching how we all kind of be united with the power of music. Doesn’t matter who we are, where we’re from, we all love The Script and their songs and we sang together, screamed together, having the time of our lives.

Maybe The Script hasn’t been as famous as Maroon 5 or Coldplay, but that’s exactly what makes The Script concert even more special. Their audiences came because they loved The Script. We sang together word-by-word because their songs have such powerful meanings that we can all relate to. Meanwhile, Coldplay concert has been kind of overrated. I know some of my friends who only know the “Fix You” or “Yellow” song but bought the concert ticket anyway because of FOMO (fear of missing out). Yes, that really happens. People sometimes go to Coldplay or Maroon 5 Concert because they enjoy being envied by other fans who couldn’t buy the ticket. Isn’t that just plain evil and mood-wrecking?

The Script Concert in Asia Tour 2018

The Script concert was concluded with Hall of Fame song. Such a perfect way to put the cherry on top! It was energetic, entertaining, and liberating! That song is special. Because whenever you listen to it, it kind of gives you power to get on and try harder. It makes you feel invincible!

Note to The Script:

Hi The Script, I just want to say, thank you so much for such an amazing, tears-jerking, and powerful performance that you guys put out that night. It certainly wasn’t easy, because you moved from one country to another with only one-day rest. And yet, you managed to grab all of your audiences’ hearts and you all sang so passionately. You showed how much your music means to you. Thank you so much for your beautiful songs! I couldn’t be happier and will definitely join for another concert in the future. Love you Denny, Mark, and Glen!

Bucket List #4? Checked!

Falencia Naoenz
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